What Is the Best Type of Mental Health Support?

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What Is the Best Type of Mental Health Support?

Having mental health support is important. With it, people can survive those dark periods that make everything seem overwhelming, upsetting, and negative. With mental health support, people can go beyond surviving to thriving even while living with mental illness. “Support,” though can be a broad and vague term, which can make finding it a daunting task.

This truth just might remove some of the pressure of finding the right support: Mental health support is very individualized, and the best type is different for everyone. The key is defining what you need. Support takes many forms, and some are direct while others are indirect. Which of these (one, some, or all) would best help you?

  • Formal, structured help from a mental health professional
  • Causal, low-key presence from one or a few friends or family members (you can spend time with them and talk about your experiences only if you want to)
  • Regular companionship from a support animal
  • Spiritual connection and belonging in a religious organization
  • A regularly meeting support group
  • Online groups and forums
  • A place to connect with others through meaningful volunteer work

Starting with just one source is enough. The best type of mental health support is the one that feels the most helpful to you.

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Mental Health Quote

"Sometimes all you need is someone just to be there, even if they can’t solve your problems, just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference."

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