Want to Help Your Brain Function? Get Creative!

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Want to Help Your Brain Function? Get Creative!

Creativity is often touted as a positive mental health coping skill. Engaging in projects and activities that foster self-expression leads to stress relief and the experience of pleasure. If you live with depression or any other mental illness, personality disorder, or general mental health challenge, you might agree that these are rare treats.

Brain Benefits of Creativity

It’s well known that doing something creative brings a welcome mental health boost. The reason lies in the way the brain functions when you’re creative:

  • Creativity quiets the areas of the brain involved in checking and judging.
  • When you’re creative, your brain’s sensory regions become more active, taking in information from all the senses more deeply than usual.
  • Doing something enjoyable and self-expressive helps the brain achieve a state of flow, in which it lets go of the need to overthink and analyze so you can be fully present in your moment.  

Creativity’s benefits to the brain are quite similar to the positive changes induced by mindfulness and meditation practices. Are creative activities a form of mindfulness mediation? It’s certainly possible. Regardless of the words you use to describe what you’re doing, release your inhibitions and get creative!

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