Introverts, Extroverts: Mental Health Awareness Month Tips

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Introverts, Extroverts: Mental Health Awareness Month Tips

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time for actively spotlighting mental health (Importance of Mental Health Awareness Month). For many extroverts, this month is energizing in its opportunities to interact with others and raise awareness of a cause dear to them. For many introverts, this is a month of inner conflict. While the desire to raise awareness is there, the thought of having to go public is dreadful.

Here are some tips for both introverts and extroverts for participating in Mental Health Awareness Month.

  • Host a themed poster-making party to create and hang signs.
  • Participate in a local event, such as a walk or run.
  • Grab some friends, hit the beach or a park (you might need permission), set up chairs and a sign, and invite people to sit and chat.


  • Use your creativity to make things to give to close friends or family members.
  • Make bookmarks containing mental health tips, take them to the library, and leave them on tables or on shelves between books.
  • Invite a few people over to watch and discuss a movie about mental health or illness.

If you want to participate in raising awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month, do it your way. Introvert or extrovert, do something that fits you.

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