Daily Activities for Lessening Depression-Caused Anger

July 24, 2019 Jennifer Smith

Depression-caused anger is often present in depression, but there are daily activities we can do to lessen the anger, help us relax and feel more at peace. I try to do all of these activities each day or at least most days. None of them take much time. I'd like to share the activities that help me lessen the depression-caused anger I experience.

Activities I Do to Help Lessen Depression-Caused Anger

There are five daily activities that help me reduce depression-caused anger.

  1. Yoga -- Yoga helps me balance and focus on flexibility, both physically and mentally. I spend 30 minutes each day (or most days) on this activity. Being balanced and flexible keeps my mind calm, which makes it easier to practice healthy coping skills. When I use appropriate coping skills, the likelihood of depression-caused anger taking over is lessened.
  2. Mindfulness -- Staying aware of the present moment and calmly accepting my thoughts and feelings is therapeutic and instrumental in helping me lessen the anger that comes with my depression. If I linger on problems from the past or dwell on worries about the future, then I feel guilt or stress, which leads to anger. Also, thoughts and feelings are just those -- thoughts and feelings. Let them come and then let them pass. Don't dwell on them, but don't push them away. 
  3. Music -- I listen to peaceful music to help set a calm and soothing tone. This helps me lessen some of the depression-caused anger I feel. I play it in the mornings as I get dressed and at night as I prepare for bed. I listen to it while driving. I also play it throughout the day as needed. 
  4. Affirmations -- Affirmations are daily encouraging statements I make to myself, about myself. I also write these affirmations on my dry erase board. You can make up your own or find some online. Some examples of my favorites are the following: "I am whole," "I am light," "I am strong," "I am brave," "I am radiant," "I am peace," and "I am a warrior." When I feel myself starting to get angry or when the negative thoughts of depression begin screaming at me, I can repeat these affirmations -- often aloud -- to counteract the depression-caused anger and negativity. 
  5. Lighting candles and incense -- I use both candles and incense, but not at the same time. Which one I choose depends on my mood at the time. Certain scents are believed to have a calming effect, which is beneficial when you're trying to lessen anger in depression. My favorite calming scent is lavender. I actually have lavender hand soap, bath soap, incense, candles, essential oil, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets -- just to name a few. Obviously, I love lavender. Some other scents that are supposed to be calming are lemon, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint, which is also one of my favorites. Also, a word of caution -- always check incense and essential oils for safety warnings about use around pets. 

These five activities have helped me to significantly reduce the depression-caused anger I deal with as a symptom of my depression. It's important that we find healthy ways to cope with our depression-caused anger. I'd like to know if any of these activities work for you or if you have other ways of managing your anger due to depression.

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