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Goodness in the World

I am here to tell you there is goodness in the world. Despite the images we are bombarded with showing murder and mayhem, sadness and misery at seemingly every turn, there is true beauty around us and there are caring people everywhere.

Relationships and Mental Illness blogger, Deltra Coyne, recently discovered this beautiful fact: There are people who really care about her.

But what really focused my attention on this matter is an X-Factor video of UK contestant, Lascel Wood. Lascel's mother has bipolar disorder and Lascel was placed in foster care at a very young age. In fact, Lascel had been in 25 foster homes over his 20 year life. In a pre-audition interview, he discussed his life, being back with his mother and understanding that his mother had an illness and what happened to him wasn't her fault.

Watch this entire video. Pay attention to the words spoken by this 20 year old. Notice the way he looks at this mother after singing. Have a lot of tissues nearby.

Oh yes, there is goodness in the world. With open eyes, mind and heart, look around you. You don't have to search far to find it.

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