How to Make Decisions when Mental Illness Makes It Difficult

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Mental illness symptoms can make decision-making super challenging. Try these tips for making decisions when mental illness blocks you.

How to Make Decisions when Mental Illness Makes It Difficult

Decision-making can be a difficult process for anyone, but for those multiple millions of people living with any type of mental illness, making decisions big or small can be daunting. Racing thoughts and overthinking can prevent a clear path to a conclusion. Worries, “what-ifs” and imagined worst-case scenarios add significant stress to the decision-making process.

Other effects of mental illness interfere with decision-making, too. When someone’s thinking is slowed, deciding upon anything is nearly impossible. Delusional beliefs create confusion. Obsessions, compulsions, or both can slow down or stop the decision-making process.

You don’t have to get stuck, no matter how difficult it is to decide something. Try these tips for making decisions when mental illness blocks you:

  • Clear your mind by taking slow, deep breaths. Go for a short walk to refresh before decision-making.
  • Think about someone you admire. What would they do?
  • List possible choices. Assign each choice a number and roll dice to choose.
  • When you start imagining horrible consequences, let them go. Picture them floating down a river or away on a cloud. Then, return to the present moment to think about your choices right now.
  • Write down one pro and one con for each choice you have. What is most meaningful to you?

Be patient with yourself. It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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