Are Romantic Relationships Possible with Mental Illness?

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Are Romantic Relationships Possible with Mental Illness?

Mental health conditions can interfere in almost every aspect of your life, including romantic relationships. Sadly, sometimes people decide that relationships are a bad idea because they live with mental illness. Not only might symptoms interfere, but how do you even tell a budding romantic partner that you have a mental illness or personality disorder?

Everyone deserves to have a loving partner in their lives if they so desire. Sadly, a survey conducted by discovered that just over a third of respondents reported that they don’t feel good enough for their partner or a potential partner because of a mental illness.

Having a mental illness does not disqualify anyone from dating or marriage. These tips can help you begin and sustain romantic relationships if you live with mental illness:

  • While you don’t have to disclose mental health information early in a relationship, doing so when the relationship begins to be committed (and before you have a relapse or your symptoms flare) is best
  • Be open and honest with each other, sharing feelings and observations kindly and matter-of-factly
  • Establish what actions and words are helpful
  • Don’t let mental illness be the center of your relationship. See in each other your many traits and strengths.

Romantic relationships are not only possible if you have a mental illness, they can be rewarding and healthy.


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