How You Respond to Anxiety and Frustration Impacts Bliss

September 14, 2016 Arley Hoskin, CMPS

How you respond to anxiety and frustration will impact your sense of happiness and bliss. Anxiety and frustration make a stressful situation worse, so bliss is affected by how you respond to anxiety.

Is There a Right Way to Respond to Anxiety?

There is no one right way to respond to anxiety. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because our frustrations and anxieties are all different. Here are three responses to anxiety and frustration that I often use, and how each helps and/or hinders my bliss.

Sharing Anxiety Gets It Off My Chest and Impacts Bliss

Does how you respond to anxiety and frustration make you feel worse or better? Your response to anxiety can lessen its impact. Read this.

When I get frustrated, anxious, mad, or sad, I like to share my emotions with others. Getting my thoughts and feelings out into the universe has a cathartic way of healing. So, when I am frustrated or anxious I share it with someone. I share my feelings without any expectation of a solution. I share them simply to get it off my chest. And in doing so, I feel better. I feel lighter.

Learning to communicate effectively can also improve your self-esteem. So, find a healthy way to voice your frustration and anxiety.

Analyzing Anxiety Sometimes Helps, Sometimes Hurts

When I get anxious or upset I tend to analyze every facet of the issue. This can be helpful, particularly when I find a common thread connecting my anxiety and frustration. But this same tool can also become harmful when taken to the extreme. I can analyze my anxiety to the point where my thoughts become completely irrational. And I sometimes find myself analyzing my frustrations for the sole purpose of justifying my feelings and opinion. Ultimately both of these forms of overanalyzing leave me feeling less than happy.

Letting Go of Anxiety and Frustration Leads to Happiness

I have found that the best way I can respond to anxiety and frustration is to let them go. I like to fix issues and solve problems, but when it comes to my own frustrations and anxiety usually the best thing that I can do is to let it go (What Do Accepting and Letting Go Really Mean?). This can be difficult and for me often involves prayer and meditation.

Find what works for you, and learn to effectively respond to the anxiety and frustration that keeps you down.

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