Having a Really Bad Day? Here's What to Do About It

July 22, 2018 Brandy Eaklor


We can all have a really bad day. Sometimes really bad days can cause feelings of depression. Read this article to see how I get through really bad days so that they do not bother me for too long.

3 Ways to Deal with Really Bad Days

If I have a really bad day, it can start to consume me and make me feel more depressed. When this happens, it can be extremely hard for me to stop feeling that way. It can be so easy to become focused on the negative things that occurred during the day and feel like nothing is going to get better. Here's how I have learned to cope.

  1. I go easy on myself -- The first thing I tend to do on really bad days is to start blaming myself. When things go wrong, it's human nature to find someone at fault. If you struggle with depression, it can be easy to start pointing the finger at yourself. Think about times when a friend or family member was having an off day. You probably showed them extra compassion because you wanted to be there for him or her. Try to do the same thing for yourself. I take a deep breath in, acknowledge what is going on, and tell myself that I love myself, I'm here for myself, and that things will get better. 
  2. I talk to someone with whom I feel comfortable -- When I'm having a really bad day, a lot of the time I really just want my voice to be heard. I don't necessarily want solutions or sympathy, but I feel better after I vent. If you are alone, call a friend or family member that you trust. Be careful not to turn it into a rant but, rather, simply explain your emotions and the vital details. Sometimes just saying it out loud and identifying the problem can be therapeutic. Once you express your emotions, try to move on to a more uplifting conversation.
  3. I focus on the good -- This can be extremely challenging after a really bad day, but sometimes taking a step back and analyzing all the good things can help. Doing this may not make you feel better immediately, but it can at least stop the feelings from consuming you. Think about why tomorrow will be better. What kind of things will you do differently? How can you make the best of the rest of the bad day? Keep in mind that it is just one day that you have to get through, and that tomorrow is a brand new day. 

We all have really bad days. Some are easier to overcome than others. Remember that you are only human and that this is completely normal. What helps you to get through a bad day? 

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Author: Brandy Eaklor

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Dr Musli Ferati
July, 27 2018 at 1:02 pm

Bad and turmoil situations are common psycho-social experiences that overloaded our daily social life. So it is of crucial importance to manage these critical moments in order to prevent serious outcomes for our global welfare. Your three mindful psycho-social undertakings indicate great help to overcome these traumatic bad days. However, active and inventive approaching exhibits successful way to dealing with hard and sorrowful emotional insults that come from global life functioning. Each person should seek and find out personal manner to calm and to slow down oneself emotional unpredictable trauma. It goes on with concordance with respective socio-cultural features when respective person live and work. Strong and healthy social network indicate crucial help to overcome in satisfactory way bad days.

Lizanne Corbit
July, 23 2018 at 7:55 pm

I love this read because we ALL have bad days! It can be so easy to get hung up or get down on ourselves when this happens but one of the best things we can do is be gentle on ourselves. It's important to remember that even in our most positive periods we can have bad days, and that's totally ok. It's about how we bounce back.

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