Depression – Tough Times

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as seasonal depression, causes those of us who struggle with it to feel more depressed during the winter. If you notice that in the winter months you feel fatigued, poor sleep patterns, weight gain, or irritable, you could be one of many who struggles with SAD. In this article, you'll learn some natural ways to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Social media can contribute to depression. Social media does have benefits: it is a powerful tool we can use to stay connected to friends and family and even allows us the ability to meet new friends from all over the world. While scrolling through the feed may seem harmless, and even if you do not notice it at the time, social media can contribute to depression.
Getting things done when you don't feel like it can be more challenging than it sounds. It is so easy to look at our to-do list and become paralyzed. This happens to me more often than I would like, but when I catch myself, there are a few things I do that help me. Read this article to learn three ways to get things done when you don't feel like it.
A crisis text line is good for those times you might want to reach out to someone for help with depression or anxiety. Although a phone call would be ideal, you might be in a situation when privacy is not accessible. Thankfully, you do not need a quiet place to utilize the Crisis Text Line. The service is free and available to use at any time. Read this article to learn more about the advantages of using the Crisis Text Line.
Using your strengths to feel better when you have depression isn't easy, but it's important. During a depressive episode, you have probably felt emotionally and/or physically weak. Feeling this way can drain your motivation and cause you to think that life will never get better. The good news is that it is possible to use your strengths when you feel you are at your weakest. The first step is acknowledging your strengths so that you can use them to your full capacity. Read this article for tips on how to remember and use your strengths when depression brings you down.
What should you watch when you're depressed? How about what you shouldn't watch? Have you ever watched a show or read something that made you feel offended, sad, or uncomfortable? That could be a warning sign that you are consuming messages that are toxic for your emotional health. Read this article for tips on how to monitor media consumption so you can figure out what not to watch when you're depressed.
Many people talk about how great it feels to sleep in, but for people with depression, waking up late could actually be detrimental to depression recovery. Read this article to find out how a late wake-up time could be affecting you and tips for how to avoid waking up late because of depression.
Wanting to stay positive when you're depressed sounds contradictory. It might even sound impossible, but it's not. I fed into my depression for a long time before I realized I could start changing my mindset. In this article, I will share with you some tips I learned along the way to help stay positive even when depressed.
Have you ever considered unplugging from social media? With how much social media has blown up, we have never been more connected. While being so connected to the online world, is it possible we forget to connect with our real world? It is so easy to be sucked in and begin to scroll endlessly. Believe it or not, the darker side of social media can actually make us more anxious, depressed and cause low self-esteem; that's where unplugging from social media comes in.
Do online dating benefits apply to people who are struggling with anxiety and/or depression? Many people say they don't. Because of my anxiety and fear of rejection, I avoided online dating for a long time. However, after I tried it, I found that online dating actually benefits me because it's helping me learn how and when to form comfortable relationships. Read this article to learn about the four online dating benefits I discovered.