Getting Through Tough Times Videos

Have you ever been so disappointed or crushed by something or someone that you thought you couldn't go on any longer? Perhaps it was a poor grade, job loss, breakup, or rejection. In any case, your mind might get tangled in a web of negative emotions. Read on to learn about how to cope after disappointment or heartbreak.
Giving yourself a mental health check-in is a way to be honest with yourself about your emotions and how they are affecting your life. This way, you can handle stressful situations that trigger these emotions and find peace of mind. In this blog post, I will share information about how to do a mental health check-in.
Now that we are nearly two weeks past the major holidays, many students have returned to school. For some, the transition from winter break to school mode might be very rough. To learn about how to ease back into school, read this article.
Many people talk about how great it feels to sleep in, but for people with depression, waking up late could actually be detrimental to depression recovery. Read this article to find out how a late wake-up time could be affecting you and tips for how to avoid waking up late because of depression.
Anniversaries of the death of a loved one can be really hard no matter how many years it has been. Having lost my father 10 years ago, I understand the pain of a trauma anniversary firsthand. Although I miss my father very much, I have learned many ways to handle my grief. Read on to learn about five of the methods I use to cope with the anniversary of the death of my father.
Have you ever considered unplugging from social media? With how much social media has blown up, we have never been more connected. While being so connected to the online world, is it possible we forget to connect with our real world? It is so easy to be sucked in and begin to scroll endlessly. Believe it or not, the darker side of social media can actually make us more anxious, depressed and cause low self-esteem; that's where unplugging from social media comes in.
Do online dating benefits apply to people who are struggling with anxiety and/or depression? Many people say they don't. Because of my anxiety and fear of rejection, I avoided online dating for a long time. However, after I tried it, I found that online dating actually benefits me because it's helping me learn how and when to form comfortable relationships. Read this article to learn about the four online dating benefits I discovered.
Self-care is important, but when life gets chaotic, self-care is the first thing to go out the window. What should be a priority becomes more like a reward I have to earn. I start telling myself that once I get through my overwhelming to-do list, then I am allowed to relax. This makes me more anxious, which actually makes it even harder to make self-care important.
My name is Brandy Eaklor, and I’m excited to be writing for the Getting Through Tough Times blog at HealthyPlace. I am 24 years old and have been struggling with anxiety and depression since I was around 12 years old. I lived in a toxic environment as a teenager, with a stepmother who did not want me to have a relationship with my father. The alternative was to live with my mother, who had abusive men in and out of her life. This pain also lead me to emotional eating and binge eating to cope with my emotions. I felt alone, unaccepted, self-conscious and unworthy.
Using proper communication methods in relationships at work and home are important, but, for people with anxiety, communication can be very difficult. Many people either do not communicate enough or primarily choose to use one method--either verbal or written communication. However, both written words and verbal speech are very important to maintain relationships. If you struggle with proper communication methods, read on to learn about when to talk and when to write and how each can affect relationships.