What Long-Term Eating Disorder Recovery Looks Like

June 23, 2020 Hollay Ghadery

Ever wonder what long-term eating disorder recovery looks like? Eleven years ago, I could never have imagined what my life would look like now. I assumed based on what everyone was saying that it would be better, but the day-to-day nuances of existence were beyond me. These details were so beyond me, in fact, that it was often hard for me to focus on the short-term goals I set for myself in my recovery. Goals like making time for mindfulness, getting more sleep, getting outside, deep breathing, and paring down my negative self-talk would be crushed under the weight of what the unknown future held. 

A Day in the Life of Long-Term Eating Disorder Recovery

If you're curious about what long-term eating disorder recovery looks like, watch my latest video. I talk about what it's like to live freer from the grip of an eating disorder, a crippling mental illness.

What are you hoping for from your long-term eating disorder recovery? Share in the comments.

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Author: Hollay Ghadery

Hollay Ghadery is a writer and editor living in Ontario, Canada. She has a book of non-fiction set to be published by Guernica Editions in 2021. The work dives into the documented prevalence of mental health issues in bi-racial women. Connect with Hollay on her website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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