Let Karma Help You Stop Self-Harming

April 10, 2015 Jennifer Aline Graham

Can karma help you stop self-harming? I think it's possible and here's how to stop self-harming using karma. Check this out.

I am not a very religious person (Self-Harm and Karma: My Religion of Choice). I do not follow a specific religion or promote any kind of religious beliefs. I think everyone is welcome to believe what he or she wishes to believe, but as for me – I typically stay away from religion. However, if I were to believe in any kind of religion, it would be karma. It is very possible that karma can help you stop self-harm.

Why Care About Karma If You Self-Harm?

The idea of karma is simple: be good to others and good will come to you. I also see karma in this light: if you are good to yourself, more good will come to you. I feel as if those two ideas link together to make one very important life message. I also feel as if karma is something that fits well into the lives of those battling some kind of stressor – whether it be with self-harm, addiction or a mental illness.

When you treat those around you kindly, you fill yourself with a sense of compassion that can brighten minds dim from depression or busy with anxiety. When you treat others with cruelty, you sometimes regret the words or actions that occurred and may begin treating yourself in a similar way.

By following karma and treating yourself and others with respect, you may in turn gain some sort of reward.

Stop Self-Harming by Finding Where Karma Fits in Your Life

Can karma help you stop self-harm? I think it's possible and here's how to stop self-harm using karma.

I know I’ve discussed karma in previous blogs, but recently it has been popping up in my life quite often and I’m starting to see it as a sign. Not only have I fallen in love with Karma Wellness Water (a Rochester, New York vitamin drink), I have also seen a homeless woman numerous times holding the same sign that reads: Karma is Kind. The more I’ve seen, heard and, well, consumed karma, the more I’ve been trying to fit it into my life.

When I was overcoming self-harm, I used to think about how karma could help guide me in a healthier direction. Back then, I had just started learning about what karma meant. Sometimes, I’d use it in the sense that if I went a day, a week or a month without self-harm, something great was bound to happen to me.

Just that idea in itself pushed me in a positive direction.

Karma Can be the Push You Need to Stop Self-Harming

If you have gone longer than ever before without self-injury, think positively about something good happening to you. Not only will you receive the feeling of successfully remaining safe, you may also be rewarded with something else. However, those rewards are often hidden, but could be the push you need to remain safe and scar-free.

Never stop being good to others and being good to yourself. When you stop doing both of those things, you start losing the sense of who you are and where you want to go. If you are determined to end your self-harm, you can’t forget your mission.

Never forget who you are, what your mission is and how you can keep yourself strong and secure through the struggles. Let karma help you to stop self-harm.

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