Appreciate Moments of Normalcy in Self-Harm Recovery

June 5, 2014 Jennifer Aline Graham

Moments of normalcy in self-harm recovery help me to stay free of self-injury behaviors. What is a moment of normalcy? Read this and I'll help you decide.

A moment of normalcy in self-harm recovery can go unappreciated. But we shouldn’t wait until we are feeling sick or depressed to realize how it feels to be happy or content. We often don’t recognize how we feel when we no longer struggle with unrelenting urges to hurt ourselves. In fact, it usually takes a negative situation to make us realize how lucky we were to feel, well, normal. I know it’s difficult to describe what normal means, but let's try to find our own normal so we can appreciate those moments of normalcy in self-harm recovery. What would a moment of normalcy be for you?

A Moment of Normalcy Could Mean a Time Without Self-Harm Urges

The word normal is difficult to describe. In truth, there is not one definition for normal and everyone has his or her own opinion surrounding that definition. I don’t think there is ever a true moment of normalcy, not really, because moments can be seen in many lights: extraordinary, terrifying, unbelievable, painful.

However, when it comes to the struggle with self-harm, some see a moment of normalcy as being a time when self-harm was not an issue. Feeling normal can be how it felt to not need to mark your skin when feeling hopeless or lost or upset. Normal can be defined as a time when your skin was not painted in pain.

Everyone’s definition of normal is different, but when it comes to self-injury, it’s important to appreciate the moments of normalcy -- the ones when you feel as if you can overcome any obstacle -- including the fight with your skin and self-harm.

Appreciate All the Moments of Normalcy That You Can

It is important to appreciated the times when you felt a sense of normalcy during the battle with self-injury. Normalcy might be says when you don't self-harm.Now that I have not self-harmed in over five years, I appreciate how great it feels not to have to fight those urges as much as I used to. Self-harm triggers surround us and it is rare to go a day without thinking about that part of our past. However, we now are able to recognize our strength when in the past, we may not have truly appreciated those moments.

It’s sad that it took over five years to recognize the times when I felt as if I could conquer my addiction to cutting. Back then, those moments may have been pushed aside and not celebrated the way they should have been. The times I believed I could make it through the day without a cut were the days I felt a sense of normalcy.

For those searching for a personal definition of the word, stop and recognize the moments when you felt free of the need to harm yourself. Take in those positive emotions and really appreciate them.

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