Boost Your Happiness with Creativity

August 26, 2018 Morgan Meredith

Creativity increases happiness (and creativity doesn't have to be creating art or music). How can creativity increase your happiness? Find out at HealthyPlace.

How are happiness and creativity linked? Being creative can make you happier, especially in a life where many of us feel our lives are over-structured. We’re generally working or looking for work during certain hours, expected time with friends and family at other times, and even eat or sleep at fairly regular intervals. Our minds can become fatigued with these patterns, which is why vacations feel so refreshing; we get to interrupt those strict guidelines and do whatever we want for some time. Creativity creates happiness.

Creativity and Happiness

Creativity can allow you a similar break, even if it’s scheduled into your life. Some people claim they’re not creative, but not all creativity needs to be art or music. You can write, color in an adult coloring book, help design someone’s business plan, add an adaptation to a cooking recipe with an ingredient substitution, sing, take a class, make a costume, or many other things. Watch below for some thoughts on creativity and happiness.


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