Introduction to Kris McElroy, Author of 'Dissociative Living'

January 18, 2024 Kristian McElroy

My name is Kris McElroy, and I am the new author of the Dissociative Living blog. I received a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID) in 2013 when I was 28 years old. Since then, I have been navigating the complexities of living with DID, especially in relation to parenting, coexisting with alters, professional pursuits, and interpersonal relationships. I aspire to foster a shared understanding through the exchange of our experiences as we navigate the journey of dissociative living together.

Kris McElroy's Diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder

My mental health journey began during my freshman year of college, a decade prior to receiving my diagnosis. I navigated through a tumultuous period marked by numerous diagnoses, more than 30 medications, cycles through various treatment programs, and the persistent struggle to establish lasting stability. As my understanding of dissociative identity disorder (DID) deepened, it became apparent that, although formally diagnosed at 28, I had been contending with symptoms and living with the condition since childhood, stemming from chronic severe trauma.

My initial encounter with DID unfolded within the confines of a psychiatric office situated in a hospital's psychiatric unit. Experiencing disorientation, confusion, and fear, I found myself there without clarity regarding the events of the preceding three days, providing conflicting personal details to different staff members. These episodes were growing in frequency, each occurrence leaving me unsettled. A DID diagnosis was determined during my stay in the general inpatient unit, leading to my transfer to the trauma disorders inpatient treatment program.

The subsequent three years were dedicated to active participation in a specialized dissociative disorders trauma program and intensive therapeutic intervention. During this period, I applied for and was granted social security disability, sought support for independent living, and strategically distanced myself from sources of trauma. My primary focus shifted towards grounding, crisis management, and engaging in internal family systems work.

Learn more about me and my goals for Dissociative Living in this video:

Dissociative Living is Possible for Kris McElroy

Most days, when I wake up, I still can't believe how far I've come living with DID. I've been a volunteer for two years. My wife and I will soon be celebrating our four-year wedding anniversary together. I am a parent to an amazing three-year-old. I have re-entered the traditional workforce and have been holding down a small part-time job for almost a year. My alters and I are still learning to work together by attending weekly therapy sessions to continue growing our communication and widening our window of tolerance. We are in this together, taking it one moment at a time.

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Author: Kristian McElroy

Kris McElroy, diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) at 28, shares a transformative journey from a decade-long mental health struggle to fostering understanding and navigating life with DID, embracing parenthood, coexisting with alters, pursuing professional endeavors, and fostering interpersonal relationships, inviting others to share on the journey of dissociative living. Find Kris on Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and his site.

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