Feeling Less Afraid to Drive Despite Schizoaffective Anxiety

September 3, 2020 Elizabeth Caudy

Although I am now less afraid to drive, in the past, my schizoaffective anxiety has made me afraid to do it. But it’s getting better, largely due to the fact that I got a Subaru. My mom was due for a new Subaru, so she gave me her old one. It’s a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with four-wheel drive and all sorts of safety features, and I’ve been driving more since it’s been my car.

Schizoaffective Anxiety and Lessening the Fear of Driving

My schizoaffective anxiety still makes me afraid to drive, but I am driving more places with confidence. I’ve driven to see my general physician (GP) several times, which is about a half-hour drive. I hesitate less to drive to the drug store than I used to. And, logically, I know it can handle roads slick from rain or snow better.

“Logically” I know this. But my schizoaffective emotions, which tend to take over, tell me a different story. Especially my schizoaffective anxiety. I mentioned that I’ve driven to my GP’s office several times since I got my new car. One of those times was today, and I was freaking out over driving there even though it’s not going to snow in August and even though I know my car handles slick roads well. I was still stressed out over this for days.

This Schizoaffective Needs to Trust Herself Driving

That said, I did it. And I’m very proud of myself. I just need to remember some things for next time. I need to remember to trust myself. I need to remember that I’ve driven in the rain and the snow before and that I’ve driven in those conditions in cars not as well equipped to handle them as this car is.

Fear of driving in the rain or snow is a very recent development in my schizoaffective disorder. I’ve been diagnosed as schizoaffective for over 20 years, but I’ve had this irrational fear of driving for less than 10 years. It started when I skidded badly in the rain when driving a previous car.

The fear has to stop. I can’t go on feeling this afraid every time I drive somewhere. If I could trust myself in general, I know it would change my life. Maybe a good start would be to trust myself driving, especially because now I have a car I can trust. I don’t need to worry about rain and snow anymore. And I drove for years on the same medication for schizoaffective disorder as I am taking now in lesser quality cars.

I can do this.

How have you lessened your fear of driving? Share your tips and stories in the comments below.

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