What I've Learned in Life Since My Suicide Attempt

December 26, 2017 Jennifer Smith

What I've learned in life over the past year since my suicide attempt helps me face major depressive disorder daily. They'll help you deal with depression, too.

What I've learned in life since my suicide attempt almost a year ago, has helped me make a great deal of progress in my depression journey. While major depressive disorder is still a daily battle I face, I now have new weapons in my arsenal which I can use in the war. I'd like to share with you what I've learned about life this year, and how this knowledge has made me stronger.

What I've Learned in Life that Helps Me Deal with Depression

Check out these six things I've learned in life that help with my depression:

1. To let go.

This means letting go of past pain and letting go of friendships that are not for this season of your life. It also means letting go of expectations that you had and learning to embrace reality. Once you let go of things that aren't meant to be, then you'll be able to truly appreciate the beauty of what is.

2. To live in the moment.

Regret is a waste of time. You cannot change the past. Learn from it and then do better. Worry is a thief of joy. Plan for the future and then do your best to prepare. There are some things you cannot predict. You will face tragedy -- it's inevitable. But don't waste today and precious time with loved ones fretting over what may (or may not) come to be.

3. To be who I am.

Don't allow others to put you in a box or categorize you. Don't try to change yourself to fit in with other people. Don't cave in to pressure to conform. Be courageous. Stand firm and be true to your convictions. Shine brightly.

4. To take care of me.

Loving others is important but loving and caring for yourself is a priority. Don't feel selfish for taking care of yourself, and don't let anyone else make you feel selfish or guilty for taking care of yourself, either. Get the sleep you need. Make (and keep) doctors' appointments for yourself. Eat healthily and exercise. Go out to dinner with friends. Take long baths. Binge-watch Netflix sometimes. Buy gifts for yourself from time to time, even if it's just something small. Take a peaceful walk. Wear your favorite outfit. Use the good china. Drink coffee or tea and read a book. Show yourself the same love and compassion you would show a beloved friend. You're worth it.

5. To pursue passions.

Do that thing that scares you. Do what you truly want to do, but you've been holding back because you're afraid of failure. Write the book. Travel. Paint. Sing. Open the restaurant. So what if you fall flat on your face? Get up and try again. Who cares what people say? At least you had the courage to try.

6. To learn to laugh at myself.

Life isn't always serious, and even when it is, it's still okay to laugh sometimes. A good, albeit dark, sense of humor has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life this past year. In the past, I was quite critical of myself when I made mistakes; now, I just turn them into good stories complete with plenty of laughs. Don't be so hard on yourself, and life will be much more fun -- and funnier.

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