Saying Goodbye to 'Anxiety-Shmanxiety Blog'

December 27, 2022 Liana M. Scott

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you've enjoyed where you've been and are uncertain about where you're going. As one of the writers of Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to write about my anxiety journey, but it's time for me to say goodbye. 

Why Liana M. Scott Decided to Write About Her Anxiety and Panic Journey

Over a year ago, I suffered the worst bout of acute mental illness I have ever experienced in my 58 years. I went through weeks of panic and anxiety that left me traumatized. I decided that writing about my experience could serve two purposes. First, I was certain that writing for could help with my recovery. I had written for the Coping with Depression blog years ago, which proved therapeutic.

I don't journal, but there's something about getting my thoughts out in the written form—for me, on a computer as a blog—that helps makes sense of what's happening in my life.

Second, I hoped that writing about my challenges might benefit others going through something similar. If what I've written has helped even one person, it's been well worth it.

Looking to the Future for Liana M. Scott

Having survived what I did last year, then traveling the long, slow road to recovery, this year has taught me, among many other things, that mental illness is not to be ignored, self-diagnosed, or self-medicated. Because I was feeling fine, I assumed that I was cured, which, in and of itself, is part of the trickery that is mental illness.

Many who seek treatment for mental illness are fine after a while. I am not one of those people. I learned that I must be diligent in caring for my mental health and take nothing for granted. Also, I learned that while having panic and anxiety disorders don't define me, they are part of who I am. And that's okay. 

Life's a journey. There will be ups and downs. There will even be flat spots that make you wonder what it's all for. As of right now, though the path is unclear, I'm looking to the future with gratitude and hope. Thank you to all the readers, my fellow journeyers. You've got this.

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