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Interactive Anxiety: Reader’s Thoughts Wanted

As a speaker and blogger, I answer a lot of questions about recovering from mental illness. I am asked many different things, from the technical, to the personal, to the deeply personal. I sincerely enjoy the conversation, and leading group discussions is one of my favorite activities. Answering comments and emails is a close second.

It is because of my love of interaction that I decided to write an interactive blog. Every blog on HealthyPlace is technically interactive, in that they all have a comments section. This is a little different, however. The goal of those blog posts is to be read and the goal of this blog post is for you to participate. This won’t be an interactive blog if you don’t.

You, a Co-Author of This Anxiety Blog

There is a power in this type of arrangement because it isn’t just my words and feelings being put out into the world, but a collaboration of ideas, feelings, and opinions all being shared. The hope is that everyone can find common ground, learn from each other’s experiences, and come away a little more enlightened.

Welcome to interactive anxiety! You will be one of the co-authors of this anxiety blog. Using the comments section below please answer one or more questions!

Since the goal of this blog is to be interactive, you will essentially be one of this blog’s co-authors. Using the comments sections below, please answer one or more of the following questions.

  1. What does anxiety mean to you?
  2. Do you feel you can lead a good life in spite of an anxiety disorder?
  3. What is the one thing you wish others understood about your anxiety disorder?

Rules Curb My Anxiety

The irreverent part of me would love to make this is a free-for-all. But rules curb my anxiety, and will help us keep on track.

As always, comments are moderated. This is to cut down on spam and prevent people from clicking links to magic weight loss pills that will actually make your hair fall out.

Please keep your comments on topic, respectful, and appropriate. In my personal life, I swear more than people playing Cards Against Humanity, but we want to keep this conversation family friendly.

Finally, be yourself. HealthyPlace is a community and, more specifically, it is our community. We are all members and all accepted. I want to hear from you and am excited to see what everyone has to share.

The floor is yours!

You can find Gabe on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and his website.

20 thoughts on “Interactive Anxiety: Reader’s Thoughts Wanted”

  1. Why do I have anxiety? You mean that’s what makes me tired? I’ve tried everything, and anything to escape it, only left to face it. There is no getting better, there is no how, there is no what to contemplate. No one has the answers, until I realized that there was a way out. Somethings wrong with me. That’s my constant thought. And my thinking wears me out, and that’s it. I become stuck physically, wore out emotionally, and needy, but isolate. Cause it’s safer that way.

  2. In an Anxiety Place
    I have lived in a place where a tempest lives,
    a blizzard named anxiety that never forgives.
    I have lived in a place tormented and foreboding,
    witness of fear, beyond the beholding.
    I have lived in a place near the bottom of a ditch,
    the eye of the needle, a mistaken dropped stitch.
    I have lived in a place near the shore of a sea,
    awaiting the tsunami to surge over me.
    I have lived in a place flat on my back,
    distressfully awaiting the next anxiety attack.
    I have lived in a place where the long vines climb,
    trapping me in, suspended in time.
    I have lived in a place I never want to return,
    a mockery of sadness, a lesson I have learned.
    I have lived in a place, populated by one,
    the terror and fear weigh more than a ton.
    I have lived in a place.
    Don Kittleson

  3. I thought very long before commenting to this…

    What if my comment is stupid? What if no one likes what I write? Worse yet, what if someone DOES like it? What if someone NOTICES me?.. No, no, nobody will notice me… maybe I better not comment… I probably wouldn’t be able to write anything good anyway… Maybe I’ll just go for a walk instead… Wait… what if the neighbors are out? What if someone speaks to me? What if I have to talk to someone… that usually doesn’t go all that well… Maybe I’ll just comment on that blog…
    Re-read that a couple times, really really fast, and throw in an occasional “hey that picture isn’t straight” or “ooh a butterfly” (I have ocd too)… and, I guess that pretty much sums up what anxiety means to me.

    I do believe we can live a good life in spite of having anxiety disorders. It requires (or certainly has for me) re-thinking a few things, a lot of hard work to overcome what we can, and learning to adjust and adapt to what we can not overcome. Personally, I have a very long way to go…

    It would be nice if people understood, that a person whom suffers with anxiety or depression is, at times, incapable of something so simple as making a phone call, reaching out, staying in contact. People seem to fade away from our lives out of fear, not able to understand what we go (or are going) through.
    In the end, I simply wish that people could understand that understanding is not a prerequisite. That listening, being patient, being there, BEING PRESENT is all that really matters.

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