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Self-Harm, Self-Identity and Staying True to You

We all struggle with insecurities and maintaining confidence. Even the most confident individual feels flawed and anxiou ...
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Rethinking Dissociative Living 5: A Proper Goodbye

When my brother was little, he went to school one day, climbed on top of his desk, and screamed. He didn't say anything. ...
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How to Identify and React to Addiction Triggers

Self-Direct Your Depression Treatments

Reducing Anxiety at Family Gatherings

Self-Harm and Dry Skin: You Cannot Pick Away the Cold

The Worst Panic Attack Ever and What It Felt Like

Don’t Forget Other People Have Anxiety Too

Radio Show Blog

Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Kellie Jo Holly believes leaving her abusive relationship was the best thing she ever did for herself and her children ...
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Your Mental Health

Depression Help for Men? “Suck it Up, Princess.”

Many years ago, when a friend was a bit down or depressed, I thought, “Suck it up princess,” or “Have a cup of c ...
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