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Crapshot: Gambling Addiction and Borderline Personality Diso ...

Shortly after I moved into the downtown Indianapolis area, I started betting on horse races at a bar/OTB. I realized I n ...
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My Mentally Ill Child and School Refusal

School refusal is the most arduous test I've encountered while parenting my son. Middle school is difficult for most ado ...
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15 Amazing Mindfulness Bennies

Everyday Objects Can Become Weapons for Self-Harmers

Taking A Break From PTSD Recovery

Overwhelmed by Stress and Anxiety? How to Deal with It

My Wife’s Help Often Makes Anxiety Worse

When a Person with Mental Illness Witnesses a Crime

Radio Show Blog

Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Kellie Jo Holly believes leaving her abusive relationship was the best thing she ever did for herself and her children ...
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Your Mental Health

Social Media and Your Kid’s Self Esteem

Recent studies indicate that social media impacts the adolescent brain and produces anxiety and low self-esteem. Ed ...
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