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The Image of Mental Health Stigma

There is so much pain in self-stigma, especially when it comes to our body image and looking in the mirror. We often hat ...
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Anxiety and Personality Type

I once had a therapist, whom I admired, respected, and trusted, who observed during a particular session that I have an ...
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Increase Focus with This One-Minute Meditation

The Ongoing Dance of Depression and Recovery

About Vanessa Celis, Author of The Life: LGBT Mental Health

Stress and Bipolar Don’t Mix

Anatomy of a Mental Health Relapse

Anxiety Doesn’t Care About Your Living Situation

Radio Show Blog

Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Kellie Jo Holly believes leaving her abusive relationship was the best thing she ever did for herself and her children ...
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Your Mental Health

What I’ve Learned Since My Brother Died by Suicide

On World Suicide Prevention Day, let me start with the good news: suicide is preventable. That exact thought, howev ...
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