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When Do You Need Inpatient Treatment For Bipolar Disorder?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you are more than familiar with the complications that ...
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Bipolar and Anxiety Are Not My Identity

My name is Gabe Howard and I have bipolar and anxiety disorders. As a public speaker and writer using my lived experienc ...
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The Stigma of Identifying as Bisexual

Self-Worth and Building Self-Esteem

Bipolar and Displays of Emotion

How I Learned to Love Food in Eating Disorder Recovery

Insecurity Can Lead Self-Harmers Down Roads of Self-Injury

“Sharp Objects” Recognizes Different Forms of Self-Harm

Radio Show Blog

Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Kellie Jo Holly believes leaving her abusive relationship was the best thing she ever did for herself and her children ...
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Your Mental Health

Depression Help for Men? “Suck it Up, Princess.”

Many years ago, when a friend was a bit down or depressed, I thought, “Suck it up princess,” or “Have a cup of c ...
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