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Anxiety Makes You Feel Unreal and Disconnected

Anxious because you feel unreal, disconnected? Now find out what to do! Stop being terrorized by anxiety and panic attacks. Check this out.

Panic attacks suck the reality out of us!

I talked two people down from panic attacks recently and both of them had been worrying that they had lost touch with reality. They felt totally disconnected to the world around them. In talking to them, they were so convincing. I almost believed that this episode was different. But I let go of my own fear for them. (My worry doesn’t help anyone.) I quickly assessed that they were not, in fact, psychotic. They were speaking rationally and eloquently.

And I remember from my panicky days how I felt different and disconnected.
And this feeling different and disconnection totally charged up my panic. It went through the roof! Making me feel even more disconnected. This is because anxiety is what we feel when we are disconnected. Anxiety comes from a feeling of separation. That there is something missing in us that doesn’t allow us to handle situations. A false assumption that we are different than other people (thus separate).

Feeling Unreal and Disconnected Is a Very Scary Illusion

Anxiety makes us feel unrealIt feels so much like it is possible we won’t come back to ourselves. Like our sanity is about to go off a cliff somewhere, never to return. This is terrifying! And feeds the anxiety. An already huge snow ball, rolling around, gathering yet a wider girth. Intense panic ensues.

If your panic is that intense:

Stop and remind yourself that this is just panic, not death, not psychosis, not a cliff.

Remember: I cannot guarantee much in life, but I can guarantee that things will change, you will not stay here forever. That is impossible. This too shall pass.

Remember: You have most likely been here before and came out the other side, it only feels like this is more intense because it is happening right now. It was probably this intense before and you survived (or you wouldn’t be reading this.)

Know: You can get rid of problem anxiety

Please tell me what is on your mind!

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280 thoughts on “Anxiety Makes You Feel Unreal and Disconnected”

  1. No offense, but you can’t guarantee that this won’t last forever because it can. I’ve been afflicted with anxiety and panic attacks since kindergarten. I was five and thought I was dying. Every. Single. Day. It hasn’t happened yet, obviously, but the feelings and fears have only gotten more intense over the years as paranoid hypochondria, agoraphobia, and suicidal depression have joined the party.

    I’m 42 now. I’ve been on the razor’s edge of sanity for 37 years. I literally have no idea what it feels like to be normal. I don’t know what it’s like not to genuinely feel like you’ll be dead by the end of the day/week/month/year. I don’t know what it’s like to interact with another person without overwhelming anxiety and panic, actual relationships are unthinkable. I don’t know what it’s like to go a day without physical pain and the psychological torture of ‘knowing’ that I’m dying. I can’t sleep restfully without xanax and/or alcohol and since I hate doing that, I don’t sleep much or well. I haven’t felt genuinely rested in over a year and I don’t see any end in sight on that front.

    I started seeing shrinks when I was in the second grade. I’ve taken several different kinds of several generations of meds, done CBT, meditation, yoga, exercise, church, diet, supplements, etc. Everything. The sad truth is that for some of us, nothing works and we’re stuck in this forever. It’s sad and morbid but it’s true and selling the false hope that “it can’t last forever, that’s impossible” is frankly cruel.

  2. be aware that sometimes when you feel like it's anxiety your body is physically ill and that Avenue needs to be searched before you take any kind of antidepressant says:

    I see a lot of comments about anxiety and taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications and I wonder if any of you have ever had your blood drawn and had your thyroid your parathyroid your calcium levels your potassium levels your phosphorus levels all of these different intricate parts of our body checked before being put on anxiety medications and antidepressants there was a point in my life where I got very very sick and every doctor tried to shove these pills down my throat eventually the doctor came along and ordered several tests to be done and I find out that I had hyperparathyroidism it was making me very sick my kidneys were shutting down my blood sugar had dropped to 31 and I felt like I almost died I only say this because I would like for people to be aware that sometimes when you feel like it’s anxiety your body is physically ill and that Avenue needs to be searched before you take any kind of antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication

  3. Hello, I found your article brilliant and refreshing to read, for i have been dealing with some unsettling anxiety issues myself. I seem to be having episodes that i can’t seem to find anywhere online, maybe this is my anxiety talking, but i want to try and describe it to you. perhaps you can offer some advice. I am constantly thinking about my body movements. i get confused by how my mind controls my body and i am able to control it. i know this may sound odd but something deep inside of me is confused and i can’t seem to find answers. Sometimes i don’t think about it and everything is fine but when i do i go back into this worrisome loop. I fear i will lose control of my body one day and become a vegetable. I am bewildered by how my body operates, i find it all so strange, frightening and unreal. i feel im losing my mind sometimes. I can’t really describe it because it doesn’t even make sense to me. I have had these episodes before and survived them but i am having them once again…… Why can’t these thoughts leave me alone? What can i do to help myself? Has anyone else experienced this?

  4. I’ll feel weird strange and unreal. I’ll smoke weed from 2 years but when i smoke it for 2 hours in hookah I’ll start feeling unreal I’ll feel that everything is moving with me. I had pain in my head foggy vision memory loss but after I consult doc they gave medicine I’ll also had ct scan but it is normal I feel weird more when I wake up but day by day it becoming good I’ll feeling good it take 1 month but I’ll having this prblm smtm but when I was busy with my fend I’ll can’t even remember that I had prblm. I’ll suggest all who had same pblm that they do daily exercise solve puzzle busy in works and do medication yoga. and I love the thought that it this will all pass one day I become as I was earlier. and always be happy and one warning see less TV it will feel you weird too see but less

  5. I’m not sure if I’m experiencing dp/dr or not but I definitely don’t feel myself. I’ve never before had these debilitating sensations previous to taking an ssri. I fall into just a stare and don’t feel connected with my surroundings; not like it was before. My relationship to objects and people is different. I never feel at ease. I want so desperately to be out of this state of mind. I’ve never before suffered from anything other than the anxiety and panic. I believe it was brought on my the meds.

  6. I will feel my palms getting sweaty and start shaking and then I would get this discomfort feeling on places on my body (Any place). I will be wanting to move or hold squeeze someone else’s hand. Is that anxiety?

  7. Just as I was waking up, I could not because I did not understand enough to differentiate between obvious opposites like sleep and waking up, arrival and departure, knowing and not knowing; all meaning was lost. Whatever it was it had no bottom nor did it have any bounds but it was … What I called later a schizophrenic moment; is it? I had been having anxiety issues due to layoff notice

    1. pour some oil on your hair and sleep without you pillow and wake early in morning and sleep early at night and do exercise in morning and try to get busy all day and not eat too much don’t eat oliy food and checked ur blood pressure do all this for 15 days u feel good. don’t think too much say too ur self ‘it will pass one day’.

  8. 35 year old I have something experience I was in military before 11 years and I see many things when I was in military one day 1 young men I cannot even remember his name he asked me if I have cigarette and I told him I don’t have any right now and after 5 minutes he did suicide by bomb I was shocked I can not wait like 3 weeks I cannot drink it was like crazy but in my mind I think every day about him because I see his body everywhere, after 4 years I was run from military I know I cannot stay long in my country, I went to neighbor country by illegal then they put me in prison 4 years no cell phone no laptop no any communication with my family then I came to Sweden as refugees right now I am suffering buy PTSD, at this time I feel like somebody raped me I don’t think it is happen on me but I don’t know it feels like really I have a lot of pain in my mind and I have a lot of emotion but I don’t know what to believe I’m not gay and I hate gay but it is weird I need real help right now I’m scared I think I’m losing my mind or my memory what can I do

    1. Hello Eiduki,
      I’m very sorry to read what you have been through. Having support is very important in dealing with PTSD and the traumas you have experienced, but I understand that it could be difficult for you to find. It is very possible that there is a Red Cross and Red Crescent organization close to you. This link takes you to the Swedish Red Cross, part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society: http://www.ifrc.org/en/what-we-do/where-we-work/europe/swedish-red-cross/ There, you will find a wealth of helpful information as well as locations and contact information.

      Also, while you are contacting the Swedish Red Cross/Red Crescent, you can also go to http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/treatment/cope/index.asp. This takes you to a specific page of the National (US) Center for PTSD that has online self help tools. You can also explore the entire site for information even though it’s services are primarily for people in the United States, especially veterans. And HealthyPlace.com has a Trauma/PTSD blog like this Anxiety blog: http://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/

      I encourage you to find support where you are, either through a Red Cross/Red Crescent or a different organization if you find one that you prefer. You absolutely can work through this and feel better again.

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