Larry James Selected 'Best Officiant' in the Greater Phoenix Area!

Yippee! Just had to let you know! - Larry

Phoenix - Angelen VanDaele, Publisher and Judy Beumler, Editor of The Wedding Chronicle announced today that Larry James has been selected as the "Best Officiant" in the Greater Phoenix area by the Wedding Chronicle's 2007 Reader's Poll.

Reached at his Scottsdale office, Larry said, "A very special 'thank you' to those who voted for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved in so many 'romantic' wedding ceremonies and for those many brides and grooms who have expressed their confidence in me."

Larry James performed 65 wedding ceremonies in 2006 and is considered one of the busiest wedding officiants in the Greater Phoenix area. His "romantic" wedding ceremony and subtle sense of humor are what makes his performance unique. He can perform wedding ceremonies anywhere in the United States and regularly performs romantic beach weddings in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Larry is an ordained non-denominational minister, professional speaker, nationally recognized relationship coach and author of three personal relationship books and two business relationship books. He is also a contributing writer for The Wedding Chronicle.

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