Can an Online Relationship Work?

Are you trying to develop an online relationship with a person? Maybe our suggestions on how to make an Internet relationship work will help.

Relationships can be hard enough but meeting someone online can in some ways be harder. Time apart and not being able to see each other can take its toll on a relationship. However, it also allows a couple to get to know each other, opening up to each other more than you might in real life.

Here's a list of suggestions:

  • Make a commitment. Make sure that you both feel the same way about your relationship. Are you seeing each other exclusively? If so, is this somebody that you one day could see relocating for? Internet relationships are difficult, so you need to make sure that you are both willing to make it work.
  • Communicate daily, even if things get busy for one of you. Taking a little time for each other every day is essential. While you don't have to spend several hours a night chatting online, some sort of communication is essential. Tell each other about your day. Involve the other person in your daily life. Make him feel as though he is a part of your life, via email, instant messaging or over the phone.
  • Do things together even if you can't physically be together. Dating when you're not physically together can be tricky so be creative. You could both watch a movie that you want to see. It'll also give you something to talk about afterward. Looking at the stars, maybe finding a constellation that you are both able to see is another idea.
  • Get a webcam. While photos are nice, sometimes all you want to do is see your loved one, face to face.
  • Make plans to see each other. Making plans is important for two reasons: time together and commitment. It gives you a chance to be a couple face to face and spend time together. However, if one of you does not ever want to make plans to visit, then you might want to consider why that is. Is the other person married? By making plans to visit, you are making a further commitment in your relationship. Be sure to remember, however, that despite how close you might be over the Internet or phone, things will be a little awkward when you first meet in person. However, your partner is just as nervous as you.

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