I believe that forgiveness holds the key to our happiness. I would stop short of saying that if we don't seek forgiveness we may never be happy again. And, that could be true. We may have occasional spurts of happiness and we may notice that there is something else that needs to be done to insure a more consistent pattern of happiness. Unhappiness is a choice. We may be always and only thinking about forgiving ourselves and others, which keeps us from forgiving and the happiness we deserve. Doing is the key.             Forgiveness

I am saying that our future happiness will be free to express itself more openly and spontaneously when we can forgive ourselves and forgive others. . . with no concern about whether they or we deserve it. We may notice that we carry forgiveness as a burden. That's a sign that points in the right direction. If we can notice that, we will be in wonder of what might happen if we could shed this tiresome burden of non-forgiveness.

When we give in to our curiosity, we will find ourselves on a path of forgiveness that can lead to more happiness than we can possibly imagine.

Forgiveness opens doors. Windows to. The window to open is the one to the world in which you are free to do and be what you are here to do and be. Without the tiresome burden of worry, you unleash unlimited possibilities. Without the worry of non-forgiveness you can get on with what's next.

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Read, "Forgiveness. . . What's it for?" - Forgiveness is often misunderstood. We often think of forgiveness as something that someone who has done us wrong must ask of US. This article suggests that you focus on offering forgiveness TO the person who has wronged you as a healthy way of releasing the anger, resentment, etc.  

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