Adult ADHD Support

Adult ADHD support! What does that mean? And can an adult ADHD support group really provide help? Answers plus how to find adult ADHD support.

Some form of adult ADHD support is almost a necessity in being able to successfully deal with the symptoms of this mental illness. Like those with any chronic condition, people with adult ADHD can use support.

ADHD is a lifelong disorder for over half of those diagnosed as children. In addition, due to misinformation, many people become diagnosed with ADHD for the first time as adults because they assume that only children and adolescents suffer from ADHD. Imagine struggling with the symptoms of ADHD through childhood and into adulthood. It can be a wearing, frustrating and depressing experience at times.

An adult ADHD support group can provide much needed emotional support to adults dealing with the disorder and offer tools and strategies to help manage their adult ADHD symptoms. Adults dealing with the symptoms of the condition benefit greatly from adult ADHD support.

What is Adult ADHD Support?

Adult ADHD support usually comes in the form of an organization that seeks to connect people with the disorder to one another. Adults with ADHD often underperform at work, show up late to events, and daydream during lectures or staff meetings. Normal co-workers may treat them differently, making them feel like outcasts. By attending support group meetings, ADHD adults can talk with others dealing with similar challenges. There they can exchange advice, ideas, and strategies that have worked for them and also explain what did not work and why. An adult ADHD support group can alleviate the feelings of isolation and loneliness, often experienced by adults with the condition.

Frequently, these groups have trained counselors to lead the sessions and who bring resource kits and tools to share with the support group members. Resources may include a listing of qualified therapists in the area, local and regional events for adults with ADHD, and information about research breakthroughs and current clinical studies.

Finding an Adult ADHD Support Group

Two national ADHD advocacy and support groups, CHADD and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, hold regular events and awareness campaigns at the regional level. Their websites also have a listing of local meetings and events. Another popular adult ADHD support group, Living with ADD, holds virtual ADHD conferences and classes. Check their website for details. Search the Internet for other virtual support communities. One community, ADHD Support, sponsored by the pharmaceutical company, Shire, offers a number of educational resources and strategies for coping with ADHD at work. Shire manufactures and sells the ADHD stimulant medication, Vyvanse. Alternatively, people searching for a local support group can ask their therapists (see Adult ADHD Therapy - Could It Help You?) if they know of any groups in the area.

Adult ADHD support provides vital networking and personal connections for adults with ADHD. Nothing can replace the satisfaction and comfort obtained from talking to someone else dealing with the same challenges and difficulties.

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