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Medication Compliance Becoming Bigger Problem

A large, growing number of people are not taking their medications the way they're supposed to. A 2011 Consumer Reports survey indicates a whopping 48% (up 9% from the 2010 survey) of the participants regularly cut back (pill splitting) or skip the prescribed dosage. Many don't get the entire prescription filled.

Medication compliance for people with mental illness has always been a problem. People stop their psychiatric medications due to side-effects or because when they start to feel better, they mistakenly think the medications are no longer needed. Part of the solution to those problems may be better doctor-patient communication.

We have a new problem though. It's called the prolonged and severe economic recession or depression. People simply can't afford their medical or psychiatric medications. They're taking these steps to save money. Yes, pharmaceutical companies do help qualified low-income individuals to receive discounts or free medication. Now, however, there are no many people who have lost their jobs or who are underemployed, even middle income folks can't pay for their medications.

Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to this problem. Getting samples from the doctor only lasts for so long.

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Last Updated: 04 September 2014
Reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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