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What Do You Have To Be Thankful For?

The holiday season is upon us and like many publications and websites, we have our share of "how to survive" articles:

I agree that it's important to think about how to cope with the challenges the holidays may pose, but what I want to recommend is that you don't focus strictly on the negatives. I liked Angela McClanahan's blog post on Finding Gratitude. It had an optimistic tone to it.

HealthyPlace Medical Director and psychiatrist, Harry Croft MD, told me that reflecting on positive things and feeling grateful for them creates a better mood and more optimistic state of mind.

So I want to suggest that for a few minutes each day, think for a second about the millions of people who are not blessed with what you have, or are simply in a worse condition than you. You'll find the answer to the question: "What do I have to be thankful for?"

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Staying Sober Through the Holidays On HealthyPlace TV

Rachael Brownell is an alcoholic who attends AA meetings daily and has been sober for 3 years. Yet, she still worries about the temptations the holiday season presents. The author of "Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore" discusses the difficulty of maintaining sobriety and her tips for staying sober during the holidays. That's on this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. (TV Show blog)

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Fear is a mysterious force. It sabotages our ability to think clearly and can drive us to blind panic, yet it can also give us superhuman speed, strength, and powers of perception. Jeff Wise, author of "Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger" discusses the science of fear and how the simple model of "fight or flight" is now being replaced with a more scientific understanding. Listen to the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.



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