Enjoying Christmas with Your Kids: Table of Contents


Enjoying Christmas with your kids. Please note: I do not intentionally exclude others' family customs or holy days but these articles are from my personal experience and my own religious heritage. EMG

  • Surviving Family Gatherings
    Parents who expect their children to be better behaved than usual when relatives are present are destined for disappointment and frustration. Here are some things to keep in mind if you will be taking children to visit relatives.

  • The Perfect Gift for Kids
    Most kids can name off forty items advertised on television yesterday that they really, really, really want. We could buy everything on their lists and Christmas could still leave the family feeling empty, sad, and exhausted. The truth is, there is no better gift to give our children during the holidays than relaxed and loving time with the family. Children need their parents' attention and love more than any gift. We found a way to do it.

  • Christmas Guidelines for Parents
    Ten ideas for ensuring a happy holiday season with children.

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    The Truth about Santa
    At some point in every child's life, parents must face the BIG question, What do I tell my child about Santa? When do I tell my child the truth? How do I tell my child that mom and dad are really Santa?

  • The Importance of Traditions, even New Ones
    Christmas is a season, not just one day of gift-giving. Traditions make the season rich with love and sharing. Rejoice in your family traditions or create new family traditions if you have none. The memories will last forever.

  • Simplify Christmas and Enjoy It
    Christmas spirit is willing but time, money, and energy are limited commodities, even in December. As the stress of over-extended calendars, bodies, and bank accounts begins to build, tempers get short and angry words abound. Such situations are not exactly the magic of our holiday dreams. There is a better way for families to enjoy the holiday season.

  • Teaching Greedy Children to Give
    Giving is a rewarding experience but how do we convey that message to our children? Children learn by what we do, not by what we say. We can set an example of giving from generosity and love if we want our children to develop a generous heart. We can make the necessary plans for our children to experience the joys in giving.

  • Don't Expect a Perfect Family Christmas
    In the middle of all my advice on how to enrich the holidays for your family, I think it would be a good idea to let you in on what things are really like in our house. Our family life is like yours. Even during Christmas, things go well at times and at other times, a wheel comes off.

  • Getting Things Done with the Kids in Tow
    When there is something really important to be done, plan ahead for a children's activity to keep them busy too. Don't expect kids to like being neglected or understand just because your chores are "important". A little time spent preparing "work" for them will enable you to get your work done.

  • Christmas Shopping with Kids
    Holiday shopping can be fun but it is also exhausting, especially for small children. To make the season a little brighter for the wee folk, remember to consider shopping from their perspective. These Twelve Secrets of Successful Shopping Trips were all learned from experience.

  • Age-Appropriate Gift Ideas
    Grandparents have a hard time deciding what to give as Christmas gifts. This list is age appropriate and guaranteed to please. Grandparent Giving Guidelines are also included.

  • Let Christmas End Slowly
    With such a huge, commercial build-up, children can easily be disappointed by an event that lasts less than an hour. Christmas is more than opening gifts, or at least it should be. Children need for Christmas to have a gentle conclusion. We need to plan rituals and traditions for ending Christmas gradually.

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