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A Lesson From Oprah

As millions have, I was watching the final days of the Oprah Winfrey Show. During one episode, she mentioned that her show was all about life lessons. Oprah replayed a clip from years ago showing actress Tracy Gold (who recovered from anorexia) pleading with an emmaciated, long-time, anorexia patient. She was saying "all you have to do is nourish your brain." When Tracy was finished, the woman wearily said "I know that, but how do you do it?" No one had an answer. And for Oprah, that was her "ah-ha moment." From that episode on, Oprah brought on guests to share information on how to accomplish whatever it was they were talking about on the show.

On HealthyPlace, we've been doing that for years; providing step-by-step mental health treatment information. For instance, we have the "Gold Standard series" by award-winning author, Julie Fast, which covers all forms of treatment for depression and bipolar disorder:

But some people ask: "What if I'm too depressed to help myself?" We have the answer that may help you with that too.

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On our Anorexia Forum, Brian2 says "My daughter is 31 and has been struggling with this for about 12 years. She recently went through a 2 week out-patient program at a hospital. Not sure what that will do but it's the first constructive she's done after much destructive behavior." Brian is looking for some guidance. Sign into the forums and share your thoughts and comments on anorexia recovery and supporting a loved one.

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Trip from Mental Illness to Advocacy

Shannon Flynn has survived the ravages of Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Self-Injury. Now she's out helping others. How Shannon survived and the motivation behind her altruism is the focus of this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. (Trip from Mental Illness to Advocacy - TV Show blog)

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Parenting an ADHD Child the Right Way

When parents first hear that their child has ADHD, many feel as if they've been set adrift on an emotional sea of guilt, isolation, confusion and fear. To help these parents and their children navigate the challenges of home life, school, and ADHD treatment, Tracey Bromley Goodwin and Holly Oberacker have created Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD. We discuss parenting solutions for ADHD children on this edition of the HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.

Help for parenting an ADHD child and in-depth information on ADHD

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Help for the Overly Protective Parent

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