4 Simple Things to Boost Your Mental Health Fast

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4 Simple Things to Boost Your Mental Health Fast

How can you boost your mental health fast? While mental health is an ongoing process rather than a one-and-done event, there are simple things you can do to give yourself a boost any time you need it.  Try doing these four simple things to boost your mental health.

  1. Breathe deeply—with citrus. Pausing briefly to breathe deeply bathes the brain in the oxygen it needs. Citrus enhances moods, energizes, and reduces stress, so cut fruit and inhale the aroma or use oils.  
  2. Hydrate. Dehydration makes us feel sluggish, and irritable, and can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. What you drink matters. Swap soda and sugary drinks for iced tea made from your favorite tea bags.
  3. Stretch. Move your muscles to increase blood flow to the brain; relieve tight spots, aches, and pains; and stimulate the flow of energy through your brain, spinal cord, and muscles. Use poses from yoga or Tai Chi, or simply move your muscles deliberately from head to toe.
  4. Throw Rocks. If you’re near water, gently tossing rocks can relieve stress. Throw a rock into the water, hear the sound it makes, and watch the ripples move outward. This is a mindfulness exercise that helps you turn your attention away from problems and into the moment.

If you’re looking to give your mental health a boost, these things can be done every day, throughout the day. The more you do them, the greater the mental health benefits.

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