Dealing with Anxiety During COVID-19

April 7, 2020 Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

Dealing with anxiety during COVID-19 is something foreign to us. It is hard not to experience stress and anxiety these days. I had planned to write this article about something else regarding anxiety, but I felt as though I would be remiss if I talked about anything other than what we are all going through right now and how it is affecting me since it is continuously a major part of my thoughts throughout the day.

Last time, I talked about different tips for dealing with anxiety during COVID-19. I have really been paying attention to my stress levels and making it a point to practice self-care. But to be honest, it can often be hard to keep myself motivated to do so. It can often be hard, considering that every day I wake up hoping to hear some positive news, only to be met with more grim headlines.

What does my anxiety look like these days? How is it different than other days? Every single day holds more uncertainty. Every single day I watch and read the news, only to see more ambiguous answers and uncertain timelines. We are facing uncertain futures and do not know what tomorrow holds. 

I previously wrote about the difficulty that uncertainty can hold for someone who deals with chronic anxiety. Now, more than ever, that anxiety is present and visible. Now, more than ever, it becomes important for me to do what I can do deal with that uncertainty and anxiety during COVID-19.

What I Am Doing to Help my Anxiety During COVID-19

Exercise is my number one coping strategy when it comes to stress and anxiety. Exercising allows me to focus and channel my energy in one direction, and, of course, the release of endorphins helps me to feel better. I also feel as though staying physically active is more important than ever for our health. I exercise at the end of the day and, when I do, I am able to release muscle tension and any stress I have built up.

Reading is also very helpful to me. Distraction is often a helpful coping strategy for anxiety during COVID-19 and in general, particularly when experiencing it in life situations that cannot be controlled. Our current difficult state of affairs is a good example of a life situation that cannot be controlled. As a result, I have found that reading is a great distraction and escape from this uncertain reality.

I have also been taking the time to focus on the things that I am grateful for each day. I think this can be so challenging when we are waking up every day to more and more sobering news. But being grateful is empowering. By taking the time to reflect on those things I am grateful for, I can shift my focus from anything negative to what is positive in my life and in the world. I can remind myself that this is what I do have control over. And I can also remind myself that it is not only okay but necessary to be grateful.

I also think it is so important to do this, not only for coping with anxiety but for sustaining hope. I hope that what I have shared is helpful for you, as I know that simply writing this has been helpful for me.

Share what you have been doing to help reduce anxiety during COVID-19 in the comments below.

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Author: Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez

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