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About Kate White, Author of ‘Treating Anxiety Blog’

I’m a 28 year old writer-photographer, poet and politico. Born in Australia, I’ve lived in Manhattan, London and Philadelphia, and have been blogging, tweeting and advocating about mental health issues for more than three years.

I’m your sister, your cousin, your friend; an old woman, or that kid playing in the yard across the street. Hi. My name is Kate White, and I’m 1 in 4. Haven’t heard that statistic before? Then you should know that 25% of the world’s population will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives.

And if you want to talk numbers, let’s talk about the fact that I was 14 when the doctor told me I had Depression. Not the moderate, ‘here, take a couple of pills and see me next month’ variety, but the very-possibly-kill-you-stone-dead-with-great-ease-if-left-untreated kind. Then let’s talk about the 3 hours sleep I average on a good night, the days lost to panic attacks, flashbacks and migraines, or the hundreds of hungry, raging thoughts that grate against my skin…

The good news? There are lots of things the numbers don’t tell you, and that doctors can’t either. This blog is about just those things, about getting beyond the anxiety and experiencing safety, even joy. It’s about the questions that we usually ignore: How do I keep going? Why can’t I ‘just relax’? What is it like to finally, finally, be able to breathe?

Treating Anxiety reaches into the day-to-day to pull out the odd rabbit called Relief, served with some anecdotal evidence and a dash of good faith. Because it isn’t easy to look at the things that scare us most but it is worth it: nobody wants to live in fear.

So think of me as a dose of determination, and a hand held out whenever it’s too much to stand.

Treating Anxiety Welcome Video

If you’d like to get to know Kate a bit better, go ahead and watch this video:

32 thoughts on “About Kate White, Author of ‘Treating Anxiety Blog’”

  1. Hi Kate,

    My name is Samantha and I am currently completing my Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I am in the midst of completing my capstone project, which consists of a resource book for clinicians that encompasses CBT interventions, strategies, fact sheets, etc. This manual will not be published, but rather, will just be used as a resource book at our clinic amongst 5-10 other clinicians who choose to use it for therapeutic interventions and techniques with their clients. Also, my professor will have access to the resource manual, as she will be grading the project.

    I am writing you to request permission to use the article titled, ’Top 21 anxiety grounding techniques’. I noticed this image on the following website

    If granted your permission, I would incorporate this article into my masters project manual, with the correct APA reference cited below the image used. I would be honoured to include the resource you have developed, into the small manual I am putting together, to better help the client’s we serve.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,

  2. I am going through terrible anxiety attacks and do not want to leave the house. I am limited on my medical due to narrow angles in my eyes. Nothing has helped me and anti-depressant make me so sick. I pray a lot and people pray for me. I need some kind of help. Can you suggest anything.


    1. Hi Sandra,

      I’d love to offer some suggestions. First, if it’s OK to ask, what have you tried – beyond meds, that is?

      And I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by being limited on your medical due to narrow angles in your eyes…?

      I’m glad you have faith in your life though. It’s great to have something that feels safe, and can act as a base for you. If you’re feeling like you don’t want to leave the house because of the anxiety attacks – that’s called agoraphobia. it’s really a pretty common response to having anxiety attacks. you start to fear the fear.

      generally that means it’s a good time to look for psychotherapy, if you haven’t already.

      get as much support in your life as possible. it sounds like you’re doing OK on that front, if there are people holding you in their prayers. is there anybody who could come over from your Church group, perhaps, and pray with you as you did simple things like go to the mailbox or sit outside for a few minutes? if you can do those things with someone safe, it may help to get the fear to let go its grip. little by little.

      of course i’m going to say it’d probably be worth talking to your doctor. i’m not a medical professional and with just a quick comment to go by it’s hard to pick what would be most useful for you right now. if you haven’t asked your doctor about benzodiazapines instead of antidepressant medications then that might be worth looking into?

      do you use things like grounding techniques every day? and do you feel like you’re able to use relaxation/breathing techniques effectively? those sorts of things can really make a difference – though they tend to take a lot of work/time and getting used to, to make them a habit that’s just there. something reliable. a touch stone.

      and how safe are you feeling in general? that’s one of the core parts of healing, i think. establishing something of a baseline sense of safety, within yourself and then you can maybe start to build up more possibilities from that.

  3. Hey Kate, I thought that your video with Gary was tremendous. I really liked to hear about your toolbox of skills/tricks to deal with anxiety and the practical ways for dealing with anxiety. It is so rare to find someone who has suffered such anxiety and depression and yet who has come so far to deal with it. Panic is so overwhelming and I found your video to be incredibly helpful. Thank you so much….

    1. Hello my little shark,

      Glad your fishing expedition was pleasant. Seriously though, thank you for listening, and hearing.


  4. Kiddo, I am so happy you’re moving forward and will be employing your genius to further help people. Take a look at the camera work in 12 ANGRY MAN and think about how you’d position camera in the future. Lumet changes the camera position in order to emphasize feelings of a character.

    It was nice to hear your voice. Looking forward to see you many times more. Good luck with all that you do!!

    1. Thanks, Grey Ghost ! 🙂 I love 12 Angry Men — assume you mean the original?? I’m not sure I can get particularly technical with my poor wee vid from my teeny tiny digital camera but I shall endeavour to position the camera better next time definitely. I knew it wasn’t going to be great in terms of eye line but there’s little to be done about that with space limitations as well as needing laptop for prompts. maybe cue cards? hrm. will ponder this.

  5. Kate…your such a wonderfully brilliant and attractive human being..all the best in your journey..truly enjoy the blog….be bold..be kind..be you…complete and happy…as originally intended… and still are.


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