Water Walking Meditation: Get a Calm Mind with Intense Focus

December 1, 2013 Tom Cloyd, MS, MA

Water walking meditation is a novel way of doing walking meditation that is both fun and highly instructive. Learn how in this video.

In my previous video about walking meditation, I spoke a little about meditation in general, pointing out that not all meditation is done while sitting. One can also meditate while walking, and even perform a water walking meditation (not what you may think). In some ways, this is quite possibly the best way to meditate. Walking meditation can be seen as a kind of bridge between classic sit-still meditation and the ordinary activities of our lives.

Water Walking Meditation Is Not a Sit-Still Activity


This is news to some people, but very much true. In the Zen Buddhist wisdom tradition, one of the outcomes of meditation practice is that one brings the present-centered mindfulness practiced in formal meditation into other parts of one's daily life. In many ways, this is the ultimate stress management and stress reduction strategy, and for this reason alone is a worthy objective for any of us.

Learn a Water Walking Meditation

In this video on water walking meditation, I will introduce you to a way of doing walking meditation that I invented many years ago, initially as an exercise in increasing one's focus. It certainly is that, but it is much more, as I will tell you in some detail.

I hope you'll give it a look, then give it a try. I'm rather certain you'll not only enjoy this form of walking meditation, but also find it highly instructive about what it is you really do with your mind in the midst of your life.

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