3 Ways Romantic Suspense Improves My Perspective on Love

February 28, 2022 Martha Lueck

Several years ago, I started reading books from the romantic suspense genre and they changed my perspective on love. One reason I chose this genre was that I craved drama and passionate love. However, I did not want a predictable ending with only one conflict. I wanted to ride several waves of emotion. Reading romantic suspense helped me develop insight into love and its complexities. Here are three ways romantic suspense novels gave me a healthy perspective of love.

3 Ways Romantic Suspense Created My Healthy Perspective on Love

  1. I realized that relationships were not meant to be perfect. Romantic suspense shows the unpleasant side of relationships. Some of these stories can be traumatic or sad. Sometimes a character dies. Other times, a character cheats on a partner. Of course, all relationships are different. Many of them can be very nice. However, they are not meant to be perfect. Romantic suspense helps to keep me grounded when my expectations are too high.
  2. I learned that love could influence a positive change. While romantic suspense books have a lot of drama and tragedy, there are still sweet images of romance. Two people from different cultures come together and learn from each other. An extroverted character helps the introverted partner try new things. In one of my favorite books, called Choosing You by Allie Everhart, Garrett helps Jade learn to enjoy hugs and trust people.1 Jade helps Garrett find peace of mind and enjoy the little things. This book reminds me that even when relationships are difficult, my partner can teach me something new about myself and vice versa. 
  3. I am becoming a hopeful romantic. Having not had any long-term relationships, I had become quite jaded. Sometimes I still wonder why I read romantic suspense when I miss having romance in my life. Part of the answer is that even when a relationship ends, the possibility of developing a new and healthy one still exists. In my favorite books, the characters show resilient love by fighting for each other in the darkest times. Yes, romantic suspense books are fiction. But in real life, two people who are meant for each other will endure trials together. I am beginning to believe in the power of romance again.

As I expand my book collection in the romantic suspense genre, I will continue to learn new things and change my perspective on love and relationships.


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