Thoughts About Birthdays and Turning a New Decade

June 14, 2020 Martha Lueck

Everyone's thoughts on birthdays differ. For some people, getting older is scary. For others, getting older is exciting. Turning a new decade can come as a major shock. After you turn 20, you will never be a teenager again. After you turn 30, you will never be in your 20s again. Entering a new decade of your life can be emotional for many reasons. To learn about my feelings regarding birthdays and entering another decade, read this article.

Thoughts on My Birthday and Why It's Such a Big Deal

If you are afraid or indifferent about getting older, your birthday probably just seems like another day. It’s not like you suddenly become a different person. But for some people, turning another year older is a precious gift. Some people never expected to reach a certain age due to a health condition. Some people are happy to have another year to start over.

Why Turning Another Decade Is a Big Deal

It is one thing to turn another year older, but turning another decade older can bring about more intense emotions. The thoughts about these birthdays can bring negative emotions like sadness, regret, or nostalgia. But there can also be positive emotions such as joy, relief, and excitement.

Many teenagers love the idea of turning 20 because they will start a decade of more independence and partying. While youth still shines, adulthood sinks in. These young adults get the best of both worlds. But then, there are teenagers who dread this new chapter. The party life does not appeal to everyone. Independence can feel like too much pressure for some people.

The struggle does not stop after starting your 20s. I am going to turn 30 soon, and it is bringing about mixed emotions. Part of me is relieved to be done with my 20s because they were stressful towards the end ("Women in Their 20s Dealing With Anxiety"). Part of me is hopeful for strength, wisdom, career success, marriage, and children. But another part of me is scared and anxious. I am scared of possibly getting rejected, facing failures, and losing people.

Positive Perspectives About a New Decade

As I am thinking about this birthday, my rational mind is sorting through a messy heap of thoughts and emotions. The truth is, while there are failures in life, there are also successes. While there are disappointments, there are also pleasant surprises. While there is death, there is also life and healing. This applies to anyone at any age.

Nothing in life is guaranteed to happen exactly when and how you think it will happen. It is important to learn how to accept the highs and lows. It is important to celebrate your accomplishments and seek help when you need it. Remember that you deserve love, happiness, hope, and success. You have the strength to get through the hardest parts of your life. 

It is okay to struggle; it is okay to fear getting older. But it is important to be proud of what you have accomplished and celebrate the accomplishments ahead.

What are your thoughts on birthdays? Do you look forward to all of them or are some birthdays tougher to get through than others? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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