'This Too Shall Pass' Fights Back My Negativity and Fear

September 29, 2018 Martha Lueck

'This too shall pass' helps me through negative emotions that say my troubles will never end. Learn how I use 'this too shall pass' for my mental health.

"This too shall pass" is an affirmation I've not always believed. When it feels as though life has beaten you down too many times, it can be really hard to believe in the power of positive affirmations. But I recently found that remembering the affirmation "this too shall pass" has helped me stay hopeful for change. Read on to learn about how this affirmation has positively impacted my mental health.

The Affirmation 'This Too Shall Pass' Used to Really Bother Me

Whenever someone used "this too shall pass" in the past, I became really annoyed. One of the reasons it bothered me so much was because I was impatient for results. I would try my hardest to avoid drama, but it would follow me. Then I would try to resolve it, but another issue would pop up in its place. So when would the drama end? It seemed as though it never would. It would never pass. So in my mind, the affirmation was a lie ("I Am Good Enough and People Like Me - Why I Hate Affirmations").

Meditating on 'This Too Shall Pass'

Meditating on the affirmation helped me find the value of hindsight. One night a few weeks ago, I could not fall asleep. A series of physical issues caused me to wonder how I managed to get out of bed every morning and make it through every day. Then I realized that even when things seemed really bad, there were still moments when things would get a little better.

After I got this epiphany, I thought about some of the setbacks from my past and how I made it through the hardest parts. I thought about the strength and wisdom I gained. By remembering how the lows led to highs, I could think more clearly about some of the positive things in the present. I found more hope that things could be different in the future.

Ways to Remember 'This Too Shall Pass' Everyday

Even if you appreciate the expression "this too shall pass," there might be difficult days when you will doubt its validity as I did. Here are a few things you can do to remember that things can change.

  • Write a note about three times when negative feelings have passed.
  • Keep the note somewhere you can easily find it. If you know that something will trigger negative emotions throughout the day, keep the note with you.
  • During the times when you feel trapped in negativity, take a few deep breaths and silently say to yourself, "This too shall pass."
  • Write about the affirmation whenever you feel that it will serve you well.

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