Build a Community Where Mental Health Stigma Doesn't Exist

December 4, 2016 Leif Gregersen

Stigma harms those with mental health issues, but it is possible to build a community where mental health stigma doesn't exist. Building a community of stigma-free living takes time and effort, but when stigma in your community doesn't exist, you will have a much more rewarding and stress-free life.

Mental Health Stigma-Free Communities Do Exist

A person with a mental illness can find communities to where mental illness is more accepted and there is almost no stigma. For example, by moving into a group home or supportive living facility where everyone either has a mental illness or is trained to deal with those that have one, you will find that no one judges you anymore. In a place like this, you can build the self-esteem you will need to move on to other types of personal growth.

You can learn about programs, both therapeutic and social, through your local clinic and start to extend your community from just those you live with to others who may or may not also have a mental illness. Even if you live in remote areas, the Internet can connect you with mental health support groups and education programs that will help you immensely.

Building a Stigma-Free Community Takes Effort but Is Worth It

Fifteen years ago, I left the hospital after a very difficult six-month stay. I had very little It won't be easy, but you can build a community where mental health stigma doesn't exist. You can find a respite from stigma. Here are ways to start. self-esteem and was reacting to medications, not to mention mental health stigma was preventing me from finding a proper place to live and work. I accepted sub-standard housing and had no job or prospects. I soon tired of living in a community where I felt isolated, knowing it wasn't helping my recovery, so I found supportive living that worked for me (Finding Group Homes for Mentally Ill Adults). In this place, a group home, my medications were given at correct times and I was encouraged to cook and clean in turn with others, giving me skills I would one day need. And because everyone living in the group home had a mental illness, there was no stigma.

Over the next 15 years, I experienced a lot of personal growth, pushing myself to learn more and do more, and now I have gotten to the point where I really like to live, being paid for work I enjoy and having many close and genuine friends. It all came down to working hard to be a member of a small community of those with a mental illness, being a good friend to everyone, and building myself up to be a valuable member of the larger community.

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