Emotional manipulation in a friendship is toxic to your self-esteem and confidence. The worst part is that the victims are generally people who are already struggling with loving themselves or co-dependency and who often lack self-confidence. This makes it hard to recover and to protect yourself from the effects of emotional abuse. The more you know about emotional manipulation, the easier it will be to protect yourself from emotional manipulation in your friendships. Keep reading »

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need to take control of your life? If you’re not careful, stress and anxiety can take over your life. I often find myself with to-do lists that are far too long, anxiety that is far too high and little-to-no motivation. Sound familiar? I was sick and tired of feeling this way, and I bet you are too, so I made some small changes that allowed me to feel in control of my life and stop feeling overwhelmed. Keep reading »

You can manage holiday stress, enjoy the festivities this year and improve your confidence with a few simple adjustments. The most “wonderful” time of the year is also when people have the most on their plate. It’s the end of the semester for students, work piles up, schedules change, families gather, and expectations are high. Everyone around you is frazzled, and it’s hard not to pick up on their negative vibes. When you manage the holiday stress in practical ways, it improves your overall confidence. Keep reading »

You can learn to overcome negative thinking patterns and finally feel confident (How Negative Thinking Kills Your Confidence). The more your mind focuses on the negatives in your life, the harder it is to feel happy, and it interferes with developing confidence. Our society obsesses over drama and negative news which makes it hard to think in a positive way. However, you can practice these tools to help you integrate more positive thinking patterns into your life. Keep reading »

It may feel challenging but you can stay confident during stressful times. Many people give into old habits and negative thinking patterns when they are under a lot of stress. This leads to succumbing to unhealthy behaviors that can lower your self-esteem. You can combat stress and stay confident, it just takes some awareness and practice. Keep reading »

I’m generally a positive person, but is it hard to be a positive person? I look for the good in each day, make lemons out of lemonade and try to practice what I preach. When negative feelings take over it can be hard to feel confident. Today I was overwhelmed and really tried to be a positive person, but it just wasn’t working. I’d be lying if I said each day was easy or that every time I got knocked down I bounced back without a scrape. However I have learned some great ways to feel more positive even on bad days when it feels hard to be a positive person.  Keep reading »

Negative people are everywhere and negative people can harm your confidence dramatically. If we aren’t careful, their negativity can rub off on us leading to self-esteem issues, unhappiness and lower self-confidence. We can’t avoid all the negative people and energy that come into our lives but we can take measures to stay aware and positive. Don’t let those negative people harm your confidence. Keep reading »

Did you know that you can use quotes to improve your confidence? Sometimes a quick self-esteem boost can come from the wise words of others (Famous Quotes for Building Self-Esteem). Whether your feeling overwhelmed, disappointed (in yourself or someone else) or need a reality check, these quotes can help you. Keep reading »

It can be hard to stop negative self-talk from consuming your mind, but it’s possible. The more you become aware of your sneaky inner critic and fight back, the easier it will become. Extinguishing negative self-talk is vital in the quest for happiness and building unbreakable self-esteem. It is a concept we are constantly fighting against in a society that perceives self-worth by race, status, youth, sex, power, money, attractiveness, attention on social media, and other external factors.  Keep reading »

A great way to improve your self-esteem is to use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations may seem silly to some but they work. Many people have automatic thinking patterns that are negative. These negative thoughts may be so deep-rooted so it can be hard to change them without effort and awareness. Using positive affirmations can improve your self-esteem. Keep reading »