Make the Cliché Self-Harm Resolution a Reality

December 28, 2013 Jennifer Aline Graham

It being the end of the year, everyone makes New Year's resolutions. Typically, people want to lose weight or make more money. Maybe they hope to change their lifestyle or start a family. These are resolutions that are heard over-and-over again and sadly, after January, a lot of these New Year's resolutions are pushed aside.

You know, as well as I do, that if you’re someone trying to stop your self-harm, your resolution will probably be to stop hurting yourself for good in 2014.

But will you be able to do it?

Accomplishing Your Resolution to Stop Self-Injuring

For many people, self-harm happens without thought. You’re sad – you self-harm. You’re mad – you self-harm. It’s an unhealthy response that becomes just as engrained into ourIf you self-harm, you’re New Year’s resolution will probably be to stop self-injuring in 2014. Here’s how to make your resolution a reality. brains as biting our nails or brushing your teeth.

This year, I will stop picking my skin. As you all know from previous blogs, I don’t pick my skin to self-injure in the way I used to. I do it involuntarily and don’t realize I’m doing it. I’m hoping that this year, I will catch myself and tell myself to stop before the deed is done.

I also plan on becoming more fit. Yes, another cliché resolution, but it not only will make me feel better, it will redirect me from stressors. Being a Zumba instructor has worked wonders on my confidence. It’s a fun way to be healthy and let the problems of the day fall off your shoulders. For those who are trying to stop cutting or burning or head banging, try Zumba. Try Pilates or Cross-Fit or even walking the dog every morning.

Another resolution I need to add to my list, walk the dog more.

Do something to re-direct your thoughts in a positive, healthy direction. There really are so many options out there and there has to be at least one that works for you. Of course, you need to motivate yourself to do these things. Motivation is the key to success and especially the key to healthy living.

Once you tell yourself you are going to do something and show yourself that it is possible, you will see positive change. Make this year a year of positive change.

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Author: Jennifer Aline Graham

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