I Don't Let Stigma Stop Me from Dating Younger Men

November 8, 2022 Mel Bender

I Choose to Date Younger Men Despite Stigma

I sometimes wonder if I would face the same stigma for dating men a couple of decades younger than me if the genders were reversed. It isn't that unusual to hear about men in their 40s dating women in their 20s. However, when a woman in her 40s dates a man in his 20s, the main assumption I've encountered is that she must be a "sugar mommy." It's almost as if it's unimaginable that a young man would be sexually or romantically interested in an older woman for any other reason.

In my experience, this is a myth. Some young men genuinely like older women -- quite a few, as a matter of fact. Similarly, some older women are genuinely interested in dating younger men. I should know because I'm one such woman.

In this video, I discuss how my relationships with younger men have had nothing to do with financially supporting them. Instead, one of the main reasons I do it is that my internal age is more compatible with men much younger than me. It's simply the nature of my sexuality.

The healthiest thing any of us can do is accept our authentic sexuality, and that's exactly what I've chosen to do, regardless of any stigma I might receive for it. I date younger men, and it's okay.

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