Develop a Flexible Mindset: Less Disappointment, More Bliss

April 17, 2017 Silke Morin

A flexible mindset helps you experience life in a blissful manner; rigid thinking leads to disappointment. Learn how to develop a flexible mindset here.

A flexible mindset can decrease disappointment and help you find bliss. Rigid thinking can be self-defeating. When you expect things to be a certain way and will be satisfied only when they are that way, you may experience a lot of unhappiness in life. If you can develop a flexible mindset, you will encounter less disappointment and more bliss (Coaching Flexibility To The Overly Rigid Child).

A Flexible Mindset Prevents Disappointment

I used to think that to be happy, I needed a set of conditions to be met ­­­­— to have a certain income or to live in a certain place. This kind of thinking only perpetuated my negative outlook and fed my depression when those specific conditions weren't met.­­­­ And, believe me, they weren't met. I did not have flexible thinking and I definitely suffered disappointment.

When you engage in rigid thinking like I did, you are unwilling to adapt to the unexpected and uncertain events in life. This means that when things don't go according to plan, as they often do, you are disappointed.

If your happiness and wellbeing are dependent upon external circumstances, you are not taking responsibility for yourself. Obstacles will stop you in your tracks and disappointment will abound.

How to Develop a Flexible Mindset

To get out of this rigid kind of thinking, try expanding your outlook and developing a flexible mindset.

Acknowledge that life is unexpected and allow yourself to be open to what happens, even if it's not what you wanted. This is the first step in developing a flexible mindset. You accept that not everything will work out in a specific way, because that is simply how life is, unpredictable.

Don't view obstacles as dead ends, view them as opportunities. When things don't go as planned, you can let it derail you or you can take stock, reevaluate, and change direction. An obstacle is something you can push through rather than give in to.

Respond to life's challenges with a hopeful outlook. Don't despair. Instead, draw on your inner strength and choose to respond wisely and positively to the situation.

A Flexible Mindset Enhances Bliss

Your experience is your responsibility. Developing a flexible mindset will undoubtedly help you thrive in uncertainty, adapt to challenges, and use failure as an opportunity for growth. So keep an open mind and start to relate to life in a way that enhances your own bliss.

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