How A Mother's Life Can Be Blissful

May 11, 2015 Joni Reisinger MS, NCC

A mother’s life can be full of bliss. All mothers share many of the same events in life. The difference, for some, is the attitude in which motherhood is approached. For some, the sound of a baby's cry, a toddler's whining or a teenager's grumbling is difficult and frustrating. But for others, the baby's cry is a sign they need you, the toddler's whine is a sign of growth and the teenager's grumbling is a time to teach. You can find bliss in your life as a mother by learning from each of these five stages of your child's life.

Five Life Stages That Bring Bliss Into a Mother's Life

A mother's life can be blissful. Many focus on the difficult parts of motherhood but bliss and be found in motherhood in the 5 stages of a child's life.

  1. Baby -- Allowing the abundance of love to spill out from your heart in an overwhelming flood can seal the bond between mother and child beyond any imaginable dream. Cherishing these tender moments of giving and receiving lasts a lifetime.
  2. Toddler -- When you discover your toddler's energy seems superhuman, they question why something is the way it is and you realize your answer is never enough. Savor their ability to speak and encourage their curiosities to no limit. You become the catalyst to their growth potential.
  3. School-age -- As your child begins to develop friendships and explore their interests in greater depth, know that your encouragement given with boundaries defined will lead to better choices along their individual path. You have a profound effect on your child's future behaviors.
  4. Teenager -- When they stomp off in the other direction, giving them space to develop their own identity while keeping a watchful eye ends up providing strong positive direction. Your truthful yet guarded role-modeling will tell them more than you may ever imagine. As you begin to let go you create a deeper and richer relationship through listening and guiding.
  5. Young adult - When your young adult calls from far away and asks for your advice, this is the day you know your hard work and guidance has set them on a path of freedom. This is the time you realize a new bond is forged and goes much deeper and wider than those that came before.

Seeing Bliss in a Mother’s Life

Seeing the love, bliss and growth in each stage of my child's life has brought tears of pain and tears of joy along the way. It is the smiles and feelings of pride that have stayed with me the most. My dreams of motherhood became my reality as my soul filled with joy, freedom and ultimately blissful living.

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Author: Joni Reisinger MS, NCC

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