How to Deal with a Crisis When You Have Depression

November 28, 2018 Jennifer Smith

Dealing with a crisis when you have depression is hard, but you can manage it. Learn how to deal with a crisis while living with depression at HealthyPlace.

Knowing how to deal with a crisis is especially important when those of us diagnosed with depression are faced with one. It can be especially difficult to cope with both the crisis and our depression simultaneously. Yet, in spite of the difficulties, we can not only survive but even thrive while managing both a crisis and our depression. This can be done by practicing the effective coping skills discussed in this post for dealing with a crisis.

How to Deal with a Crisis

First of all, be sure to practice self-care. No matter what the crisis you're facing, you won't be able to face it as well (or at all) if you don't properly care for yourself. Continue practicing daily hygiene routines, eat as healthily as possible, get adequate rest, move your body, and spend some time outdoors each day. Keep your doctors' appointments and continue taking any prescribed medications. Make time to do things you enjoy, such as reading, cooking, or watching movies or television. You will burn out or even relapse if you don't take care of yourself.

Next, share your thoughts and feelings with others. Talk to friends or family members about the struggles you're going through as you're dealing with the crisis. If you don't already see a therapist, consider calling and making an appointment; if you do, you might want to schedule more frequent visits until the crisis has passed. Another option is to join a support group with others who are facing the same or similar situations as you. Whatever option or options you choose, just be sure that you find someone to talk to. Keeping your feelings to yourself and choosing to be isolated are almost guaranteed to worsen depression.

Then, ask for and accept help. Allow people to bring meals, help you clean, and even offer financial assistance. When you're facing a crisis and battling depression, too, this is not the time to allow pride to get in the way of receiving things you truly need. Be grateful for the people who love and care about you and let them put that love and concern into action.

Finally, be prepared for and know how to respond to the irrational thoughts that depression will throw at you during a crisis. Have some positive statements ready to counteract these intrusive, negative thoughts. Remember you have handled hard times before and you can handle this now. This is only a season. Take things one step at a time. Practice mindfulness. Breathe deeply and slowly. Also, remember that depression does not make you weak; in fact, depression makes you strong because you have to fight harder. You can do this. You will do this.

Dealing with a Family Crisis

For more about coping with a family crisis, and to find out how I'm currently coping with my depression while caring for my husband after he had an emergency surgery, please watch this video.

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