Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: My Journey to Self-Confidence

March 6, 2023 Teddy Mbukha

I have had many people talk to me about struggling with low self-confidence and negative self-talk and how hard it has been for them to train themselves to stop letting negative emotions control their lives. For years, I, too, struggled with these feelings. Self-criticism was a daily practice, and I would find fault in everything I did.

Until I realized my thoughts were holding me back, I lived in a self-designed prison where every step of progress was countered by five more backward. I could barely get through everyday tasks or even socialize.

I deliberately chose to take back control of my life, fully aware that I was going on a war against myself and needed to prepare my arsenal.

When speaking to people about their struggles, I used to just gloss through the things that helped me get better. After a while, I realized that these simple habits were practical strategies that could help others overcome negative self-talk and boost their self-confidence.

How I Overcame Negative Thinking and Increased My Self-Confidence

  • Practicing mindfulness -- It is hard to focus on the present moment when your mind jumps from one negative thought to the next. I never stopped to appreciate what was right in front of me. By being mindful, I was able to recognize when the negative thoughts started to creep in, and I could step back and analyze my thought processes. This method helped me realize that many of my thoughts were primarily rooted in insecurities and were rather irrational.
  • Reframing negative thoughts -- Before, when I caught myself in a loop of negative thoughts, I would keep it going and even add to it with new things to nitpick. Gradually, I began trying to reframe this mindset. Anytime I caught myself having negative thoughts, I would stop and change the negative wording from "can’t" to "try" and eventually "can." I learned to take failures as opportunities to learn, a shift that has incredibly boosted my growth and development.
  • Practicing self-care -- It is easy to neglect the very basics of self-care when you are caught in a web of negativity and self-doubt. Taking care of myself has become essential in overcoming negative self-talk and boosting self-confidence. I started by training myself to eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise often.
  • Setting progress goals -- Setting small, achievable goals is the best way to stay on track and has been a great help in building my confidence. Accomplishing a small goal makes me feel more capable and motivates me to tackle bigger goals.
  • Celebrating small wins -- You don’t have to wait for big things to happen to celebrate. I’ve found that celebrating my successes is a real confidence boost, no matter how small they are.

Overcoming negative self-talk and boosting self-confidence is a journey that requires your full commitment. The strategies above have helped me turn my life around, and they can help you too.

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Author: Teddy Mbukha

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