Morning Meditation

Today was one of those beautiful, serendipitous days when time just stopped and balance, peace, and serenity were all available to me in joyful abundance.

I awoke around 5:00 a.m. to the warm and loving arms of my beautiful wife. She smiled at me as we relaxed in our bed, listening to a gently falling rain outside our window.

As the sun came up, I arose and got a bite of breakfast, unhurried and uninterrupted by the usual hustle and bustle of our seven-person household. School is out now and all the kids are away visiting their other parents. It was wonderful to feel like I had the whole house to myself for a change.

So, I put some soothing, peaceful piano music on the stereo—Rick Wakeman's Romance of the Victorian Age and immersed myself in the mood set by his serene piano and strings orchestrations.

As I ate breakfast, I looked out the French doors leading to our patio and pool. The rain drops fell into the pool forming tiny ringlets in time with the music.

I felt suspended in love and grace and serenity. I felt the close presence of God in the depths of my heart and in my soul. Although I did not verbalize a prayer of thankfulness—somehow I knew that God was communicating with me, gently reminding me of His care and His plan and His purpose for my life.

Thank You, God for loving me. Thank You for the quiet moments we spend together. Thank You for consciousness and awareness and the beautiful, poetic, spiritual reality that Life can be. Amen.

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