One of recovery's principle benefits and tools is the realization that we do have options.

When life gets overwhelming and stressful, we have the option of taking a time-out, getting re-focused, and taking care of ourselves.

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we always have the option of self-care.

Sometimes self-care means trusting God when we can't see the solution. Other times, we just pray and wait and watch. We can take minute vacations, breathe, and relax.

We can meditate in a quiet place, listening for the voice deep within us that speaks when we get still enough.

We can remember to laugh at life and its struggles and hardships. Keeping our hearts light and a smile close at hand is always good food for our souls.

We can spend time with a friend—someone who listens without judging. We need that at times to shut out the voice of self-condemnation that we co-dependents tend to let live rent-free in our heads.

We can go to a meeting and listen while others tell their stories. We can offer our strength, hope, and encouragement to them. We can get out of ourselves and our problems and focus on someone or something other than our own lives for a while. Getting a different perspective is always valuable.

We can remember not to sweat the details - and it's all details - typically the most mundane that we allow to cause us the most stress.

Most of all, we can remember that ultimately, God is in control. There is a grand design and plan to all that we experience in this life. A wonderful Grace is at work in us and in those with whom we interact. We are exactly where we need to be to grow and become the beautiful person we are becoming.

Thank you, God for being in control. Thank you for the recovery tools and the options You have given me. Help me to use them. Help me to trust You completely. Help me to remember that I am not my problems, nor my relationships, but that I am Your child and You love me and care for me, no matter what circumstances I may be experiencing. Amen.

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