Medicare Part D and Psychiatric Prescription Medications


Information on Medicare Part D prescription program.  Help for payment of psychiatric medications.The Medicare Part D prescription drug plan can be very confusing for some people. Below, you'll find links to information about the government prescription program. In addition, here's one more link to a Q & A with the National Mental Health Association on Medicare Part D.

Medicare Prescription Drug Appeals & Grievances

This CMS section is of particular importance to beneficiaries receiving Part D drug benefits.

Additional CMS Resources:

Part D & Consumers

What is Medicare Part D and who does it affect?

Enrollment & Eligibility

How and when can people with Medicare enroll? What are the special enrollment concerns for people with both Medicare and Medicaid?

Costs for Consumers

What are consumers ' responsibilities for premiums, deductibles, and co-payments?

Extra Help

What kind of subsidies will be available nationally and locally to help low-income individuals pay for the new Medicare prescription drug benefit? How can you apply?

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Getting Your Medications

Will the new benefit affect other assistance, such as food stamps and housing?

Effect on Other Subsidy Assistance

Which medications will be covered?

Coverage Determinations, Exceptions, & Appeals

What can you do if a prescription drug isn't on the formulary, is subject to prior authorization, or is subject to higher co-payments?

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