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Kellie Holly has extensive knowledge and experience on the subject of domestic violence, domestic abuse. After dealing with the effects of domestic violence and verbal abuse, Kellie left her marriage and struck out on her own with her two boys. She has been researching and writing about these subjects since 2008.

Kellie Jo Holly established the Verbal Abuse Journals website, which serves as a platform to share her personal experiences with verbal and emotional abuse. Through her writings, she aims to support and empower others who have faced similar situations. The website offers resources, insights, and guidance for individuals dealing with abusive relationships.

Additionally, Kellie Jo Holly authored books and articles about verbal abuse, including a comprehensive section on verbal abuse and the Verbal Abuse in Relationships blog here on Her writing focuses on domestic violence, mental health, and personal empowerment. Her writings often centered around strategies for recognizing abusive behaviors, healing from trauma, and rebuilding one's life after leaving an abusive situation.

Her dedication to advocating for survivors of domestic abuse has led to her being regarded as an influential figure in the realm of raising awareness about the complexities of emotional abuse and its impact on individuals.

Kellie is the author of several books, including  My Abusive Marriage ... and what i'm doing in it, and the Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook: A comprehensive plan that will keep you safer whether you stay or leave. You can view all of her books on

Kellie believes that current and prior targets of abuse can make a positive difference in each other's lives, ending the cycle of abuse one relationship at a time.

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