Strong is the New Skinny: An Idea to Follow

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Strong is the New Skinny: An Idea to Follow

Strong is the New Skinny: An Idea to FollowEveryday, people are attacked by the media. Whether it is a television show, a billboard or a picture in a magazine, the world seems to be screaming at everyone to look a certain way. The focus isn't primarily on women either. Men also feel obligated to look a certain way. Even while shopping, clothing seems to fit in strange ways and you rarely see a model that is not photoshopped or proportional.

The idea of "Strong is the New Skinny" has been noticed on social networks and focuses on living a healthy lifestyle rather than looking a certain way. By focusing primarily on weight, eating disorders are more likely to spring up and depression can also become an issue . By eating clean, working out and simply enjoying the life you live, you will become a physically and mentally stronger individual and be able to push past the ads you come across daily.

It is important not to focus on the numbers on the scale and to work on how you feel inside. When you do that, you are less likely to fall into a dark hole where it is difficult to climb out of. Spread the idea of "Strong is the New Skinny" and express the importance of it. By jumping on this train, the unrealistic views of how one should look will slowly disappear behind you.

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